Beauty Basics – Grace Green Beauty

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Beauty Basics - Grace Green Beauty

I was recently introduced to Grace Green Beauty through a friend and co-worker. She went to school with the owner and creator of the company, Tempal Hitt, and as luck would have it, she was interested in working with a local blogger regarding her products. Tempal started Grace Green Beauty in 2009 as a mother looking for honest and better quality ingredients for herself and her family. When I learned more about Tempal and her products it was a woman after my own heart. As a new mom I want nothing but the best for my baby and I’m super conscious about what I use on and around her. Knowing that she makes everything by hand and is aware of the ingredients and products she’s selling to others makes me a believer in her vision and her brand.

Soon after we started emailing I received the GraceFace Box. I’ve passed the 30 year mark so products that are aimed at anti-aging instantly have me obsessed. The kit comes with CLEAN oil cleanser, TheSerum anti-aging super serum, PEACEFul Face Nourishment anti-aging moisturizer, and a Bamboo Facial Towel. Not to mention the wooden box and cute packaging made the set enjoyable.

I knew that in trying out this set I wanted to give it a full 30 days before posting my review. I’m so adamant about people giving skincare a true test drive and not expecting overnight results. You really need to let your skin adjust to new products before making your final decision on whether it’s good to keep or best to toss. So for a full 30 days I used these products morning and night. The only thing I mixed in with the routine was my nightly eye cream. Everything else was pure Grace Green Beauty.

In the beginning I expected my skin to purge and go through the normal process of adjusting to the new skincare. But it never did and even for the full 30 days I never saw a single sign of purging with my skin. It sounds gross but it’s basically your skin getting irritated, which can then cause breakouts. Not a single sign. Even through monthly hormonal fluctuations my skin didn’t make a peep and typically it lets me know my hormones are in full swing. Instead my skin stayed at bay and kept calm the entire time. I had maybe one breakout and within a day it was gone. Consider me sold!

Other things I noticed were the improvement in my skins texture and fewer dry patches. We experienced some rough winter weather during this trial period and my skin held on with the help of these products. The final thing I noticed was that my natural cheeky redness seemed to dissipate and toned down on my makeup free days.

The oil cleanser was by far my favorite. I was pretty unsure of how an oil cleanser would remove all of my makeup including mascara. It took a few days to mentally get used to a cleanser that doesn’t make suds. After each cleanse my face felt so soft and smooth that I didn’t feel the need for moisturizer (but would of course still apply). It was as simple as rubbing it all over and wiping away all the dirt and grime build up with the Bamboo cloth.

The moisturizer did feel a bit heavy for my skin for use during the day. So after my 30 days were up I switched to using it only at night with TheSerum and continued with my regular moisturizer for days only. This way I still felt I had the perfect balance of moisture that my skin needs depending on the time of day. I like to mix TheSerum and PEACEful moisturizer together and apply as my nighttime ritual. I even started using the moisturizer on Ava at night. This poor chubby cheeked kid has chapped skin from all the drool. BodyFood would be a good alternative for your little ones as well.

Check it out for yourself and I challenge you to look at the products and the ingredients she puts into them. Then go back and look at the ingredients of what you’re currently using. Notice a difference? You likely will. Give Grace Green Beauty a try to see for yourself the difference it can make for your skin. These Certified Organic products will make you a believer that less is best for your skin. Shop online at or if you’re a local stop by Whole Foods Mason or Kim Harper Salon and Spa to try the products for yourself.

Grace Green Beauty Clean Oil Cleanser | Beauty Basics - Grace Green Beauty

CLEAN Oil Cleanser – gentle enough to not disrupt your skins natural balance but made to help clean and draw out impurities in your skin.

Grace Green Beauty PEACEful Face daily moisturizer | Beauty Basics - Grace Green Beauty

PEACEful Face Nourishment – Feed your skin with this anti-aging moisturizer. You’ll find your skin is smoother and more resilient after repetitive use.

Grace Green Beauty TheSerum preventative and repairing serum | Beauty Basics - Grace Green Beauty

TheSerum – pure natural ingredients to help repair and protect your skin. Natural anti-aging ingredients help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and repair skin damage.


– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!