How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – Safari Prints

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So um, technically it’s still March…which means oops! When I told you guys last week that we were done with safari style I was lying. So onto safari prints we go! I hope you don’t mind taking one more ring around the safari merry-go-round with me. Safari prints can include a variety of things, from animal prints to botanical prints to graphic prints. A lot of what makes a safari print feel safari-esque is the fabric and colors used. Many of the pieces below feature neutral colors, like we explored in previous HSWI posts, with black and white combos to browns and creams. Go for printed cotton and linen pieces for daytime, and jacquard and silk for dressier nighttime options.

You could certainly find cheetah or zebra prints to wear but I prefer more subtle, neutral prints with selective use of color. They’re still fun but more wearable than zany animal prints. The ikat printed skirt and sandals are some of my favorites but I particularly love the bold graphic print on that flared skirt, it’s simple but still a standout.

Then we have a couple cheeky elephant prints. The first is a super cute mirror image tank top of elephants and palm trees that could go with almost any outfit and add a little bit of cute elephant flare. And I also really like the elephant doodle t-shirt, not only because it’s cute but because the retailer gives 100% of the net proceeds to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which rescues elephants and gives them a safe haven. As someone who absolutely loves elephants, I think this is awesome. Actually I will just speak for us all, we ALL think this is awesome – who doesn’t adore elephants?

How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek - Safari Prints

1. J.Crew Collection Stripe Ikat Pencil Skirt

2. J.Crew Woven Tassel Clutch

3. MADEWELL Tidal Wave Dress

4. Soludos Zebra Smoking Slippers

5. Zara Piped Jacquard With Flared Skirt

6. Zara Frayed Jacquard Shorts

7. Madewell Thea Diamond Ikat Sandals

8. ModCloth Play That Trunky Music Top

9. J.Crew For David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Tee

10. J.Crew Black Forest Camo String Bikini Top and bottoms

11. J.Crew Ankle-Strap High-Heel Sandals

12. Nica Safari Messenger Cross Body Bag


– Julia of Style and Cheek