Fancy Friday – Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle With Friends

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Stateside Seattle Restaurant | Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle With Friends

photo via: Stateside

Putting together these Four Restaurant’s to Try in Seattle lists is one of my favorite things to do on this blog. One, it forces Dan and I to try different restaurants instead of falling back on our ‘ole favorites, maybe finding a new favorite or five. And two, it usually results in us adding more restaurants to the “to try” list which ends up being a cyclical thing of trying food, writing these posts, finding new food to try, trying new food, writing these posts and on and on and on. It is glorious.

These lists aren’t just any random group of four restaurants though, I like to have some kind of theme, and this week it’s restaurants to try in Seattle with friends. Dan and I go out to dinner a fair amount. We like each other’s company. But a group dinner is always a little different and exciting, even if you’re meeting your fellow diners for the first time.

I say this because a friend of ours invited us out to Stateside with a bunch of her friends who had never met each other, and it was a blast. Our hostess took charge and ordered communal plates of food for the whole table, so not only were we constantly pushing plates in new friend’s faces saying “TRY THIS!” we kind of had a buffer for what to talk about. The food! Honestly shared plates are the way to go if you want to try a variety of food and really see what a restaurant is about. But the idea here is pairing yummy eats with a chance at a really fun group experience. Thankfully there are a ton of restaurants in Seattle that are friends appropriate, but here are four that Dan and I have enjoyed recently.


Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle With Friends



We went here for a friend’s engagement party dinner and it was a lot of fun. Our server was awesome and attentive, everyone had a great time from cocktails through dessert. Let me just talk about the drinks for a moment because they were really tasty. I’d go for The Classic margarita but others enjoyed the Mezcal Mule and one friend got El Nacional which was intensely smoky, if you’re into that. But above all, beyond the yummy drinks and tacos, it was the guacamole that won the night. Barrio has freaking delicious guacamole. So go there with friends, share some guacamole, order some tacos. It’ll be a good night.



Stateside is a French inspired Vietnamese restaurant on Capitol Hill. It’s family style structure so everyone gets to try a little of everything and it really felt like we ordered everything on the menu. Standout dishes include the crispy duck fresh rolls, petit banh mi, chili cumin pork ribs, and the duck leg a l’orange. But honestly I’d order pretty much anything off the menu again. Everything we tasted was really unique and satisfying. Oh and I’m obsessed with the decor because they have palm tree wallpaper. It’s like a romantic jungle in there. Really, it’s beautiful.


Terra Plata

We went here last night! Definitely try the mussels…those were so yummy I wanted to drink the broth from the big bowl. They have a beautiful rooftop patio so that’s where I’d want to go with friends when the weather gets nice. It’s also a great place for brunch. We got the roast pork hash and manchego biscuits and chorizo gravy when we went for a birthday brunch but it’s possible that Dan also ordered the bread pudding french toast. Forgive me, it was a boozy brunch. Aka food coma inducing.



Ah, German pubs! Where bier and brats are aplenty. This is the perfect casual place to come with a group of friends. Order the pretzel which comes with two kinds of mustard and obatzda, which is this delicious Bavarian mixture of cheese and butter that will make you want to lick your plate. Even though it’s usually too much food for me to eat I always order the wurst sampler with sauerkraut. I love it. There’s plenty on the menu to try, from fried salty snacks to hearty meat dishes and a ton of German beer. Dan is a big fan of the semmelknoedel which is basically the fancy German equivalent of biscuits and gravy. Next time I go back I’d like to try the schwein and swiss, because duh pork.


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