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It’s official, we are living in the era of the man-bun. When lumberjack style went mainstream a few years ago and people really started to appreciate impressively groomed beards and their accompanying man-buns, I didn’t pay much attention. True, Johnny Depp has been rockin’ a “mun” for years, but I sorta dismissed this trend as a trademark of your local hipster barista.

But then I saw Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal (go see it!) and let’s just say I’m digging the man bun now. First of all Jake is freaking nuts in that movie, and second, he can really work the man bun. I realized the “mun” is pretty sexy when done right. And since then I’ve paid more attention to Jake and his bun, because he’s probably the best example for you guys who may be considering growing your hair out. He’s (successfully) gone bearded and bunned, he’s gone clean shaven and bunned. He’s gone high bun, he’s gone low bun. Basically he’s shown that there is an appropriate bun for almost any style. I approve. Bring on the buns! Er…man buns! Er…man hair buns!

Today, in the spirit of Mr. Gyllenhaal, I’ve rounded up a variety of man buns to hopefully inspire some of you guys to take the plunge. Dan is currently in the middle of growing his hair out and it’s been pretty amusing watching him flip his hair like a shaggy 10 year old all day. That said, if you’re used to having short hair, growing your hair out long enough to do a bun is probably going to take a lot of willpower. But as you can see from these examples, the results can be really worth it.

Jake Gyllenhaal Is A Man With A Bun | Buzzfeed | Man Bun Monday

Jake Gyllenhaal Is A Man With A Bun | Buzzfeed – Oh Jake Gyllenhaal, you never look bad. Here he is as Lou Bloom and even though the character is a creep, I’m still attracted to him and his glorious little man bun. You can do no wrong, Jake.

20 Man Buns That Will Ruin You For Short-Haired Guys | Buzzfeed | Man Bun Monday

20 Man Buns That Will Ruin You For Short-Haired Guys | Buzzfeed –  This is just the quintessential man bun. He looks like he just woke up and is gonna go surfing or get tacos or whatever guys with man buns do.

Jason Momoa at Oz Comi Con | Daily Mail | Man Bun Monday

Jason Momoa | Daily Mail – Jason Momoa…oooh boy. Oooooomph he’s something. Just looking at him makes me blush. His half up “mun” is super cute, and by cute I mean sexy and I want to hang out with him.

@manbunmonday Bulking bunzzzz | Man Bun Monday

@manbunmonday Bulking bunzzzz – You need a lot of hair for such a massive bun. Even I am jealous of this intense man bun. It’s big and beautiful.

Jared Leto photographed by Terry Richardson | Man Bun Monday

Jared Leto photographed by Terry Richardson – Jared Leto is such a pretty man so of course he’d have nice hair. He’s another celebrity that changes up his style often. Right now he has long Jesus locks but this slicked back little bun is my favorite.

Fin Brock Rocks Chic Men's Hair Updos for QVEST Shoot | Man Bun Monday

Fin Brock Rocks Chic Men’s Hair Updos for QVEST Shoot – Double bun! Why go for one bun if you can have two? This hairstyle is just out of control which makes it so awesome. Go big or go home.

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  • Jamie
    April 6, 2015

    I miss the Jared Leto Man bun :(
    Adam tried to grow his hair out for a man bun but got a month in and hated life. It’s funny to see men try and grow their hair out in hopes of creating the perfect man bun but only to give up because the growing process is ROUGH! Best of luck to Dan! Let’s hope he can make it :)

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