Beauty Basics – Contour and Highlight

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Beauty Basics - Contour and Highlight

My previous Contour and Highlight post is one of my top posts to this day. I see my image circulating through Pinterest every couple of months and while it’s not famous it still makes me proud that a little post from a couple of years ago is still moving. Now that Beauty Basics has emerged I want to create more giftorials to showcase the basics that we all want to learn more about. Contour and Highlighting is just the type of topic that ladies everywhere want to learn and embrace. We’re still not talking about a Kardashian inspired tutorial here, but we are working with the basics. The 101 version of how to contour your face to add depth.

There are little things for all of us that we wish were smaller and we could hide. Contouring does just that. It helps to create shadows to hide the imperfections or sculpt the parts you want to enhance, such as cheekbones. Highlighting lightens and draws attention to those areas to make them appear brighter. Typically your eyes and the bridge of your nose are the areas to accentuate. It’s hard to know how and where to contour. I can’t say my method is foolproof and it’s probably not perfect either. I stick with a general rule of thumb of cheekbones, forehead, and nose. And the one piece of advice I can give for this giftorial is BLENDING IS KEY! Just like everything else that is makeup related, you won’t get far if you don’t blend.

First it’s about the application. Fancy up your face like you’re a Picasso and get to blending. When using creams I prefer a beauty sponge to get a smoother application. It helps to not only blend but soften the color of the product on my face. And it’s easier to target where I want the color to go.

Contour and Highlight part 1 | Beauty Basics

Start with your darker shades and work your way around until all of the product is blended. You’ll look silly at this point and all of your sections will look noticeable. The next step will bring it all together.

Contour and Highlight part 2 | Beauty Basics

Next, blend in the lines with your foundation. I use just a bit to blend all of my contour marks into the highlighted areas so it appears seamless. You don’t want to blend it away completely but you don’t want any harsh lines either.

Contour and Highlight part 3 | Beauty Basics

Finish off with a finishing powder all over and apply blush if needed. For extra spice add a shimmery illuminator to your highlighted areas to really emphasize the light and give an extra glow to your skin.

Contour and Highlight part 4 | Beauty Basics

Use creams, powders or a combination of the two when creating your look. I prefer powders but for the sake of this post I used creams to emphasize where the product was going and how to blend. I reserve my cream contouring for a bold look, and my powders for everyday. Honestly it can depend on your comfort level so pick which is best for you.

Give this giftorial a try and share the results. Do you think you could contour/highlight everyday?

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