Weekender Bags for Your Wanderlust

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On Tuesday I had a mini meltdown, I’ve been sick for more than a week now so I haven’t been able to keep up the usual routine that keeps me sane. Basically I’ve been trapped at home in my pj’s. No working out, no getting out of the house, no interacting with other humans. You’d think I’d want to jump right back in but really I’m just ready for a major distraction. You know that, “I need to get away” feeling? Even just for a weekend. To unwind. Clear your head. Come back to everything with a fresh perspective.

I need that type of hard reset, but, besides figuring out where to go, I’m lacking one major ingredient – a respectable overnight bag. My current duffle is a little shabby and we’re only talking a three day weekend at the most here, not enough time to fill up a giant roll-away. Part of the fun of a spontaneous weekend trip is having that weekender bag ready to go at a moment’s notice. You need a tried and true bag you can take on all your adventures. Next time I’m jonzing for a change of scenery I hope to have an upgraded weekender, maybe one of these will do the trick.

I really like the look of leather duffel bags but they are usually heavy and I’ve found that the better leather overnight options can only be found in the mens’ section. Listen, I like a little brown or black leather in my life, ok? Besides that’s just rude to assume that a girl wouldn’t want a brown leather duffel bag. Stop it, brands. I was happily surprised to find that there are more leather options out there for women than I’ve seen in previous years but still most of them are a little too girly for my taste.

Like I said, leather bags tend to be heavier so canvas bags can be a more versatile, casual option. I’d even suggest a cute nylon bag with stripes or a fun design. I’m all for stripes. They never go out of style. My personal favorite of the bunch is the Lo and Sons Catalina Weekender. I’m a fan of Lo and Sons for their focus on practicality. The Catalina Weekender features a bottom zipped compartment which can hold shoes or dirty clothes, which is perfect for travel because I like to keep things separate without adding a bunch of other internal bags. Either way you can’t go wrong toting one of these cuties whenever you give into your wanderlust.

Weekender Bags Spring 2015

1. Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ Expandable Travel Bag (21 Inch) in Billberry

2. Lo and Sons The Catalina Canvas Weekender

3. Deux Lux Striped Baha Weekender

4. Baggu Ripstop Nylon Carryall Tote

5. Madewell The Transport Weekender

6. Coach Bleecker Duffle in Leather

7. Brahmin Duxbury Weekender French Blue Melbourne

8. kate spade New York Classic Nylon Lyla Weekender