Fancy Friday – For Love and Lemons Bridal Skivvies NSFW

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Honeymoon Underwire Bra, Honeymoon Garter Belt, Honeymoon Thong | For Love and Lemons Bridal Skivvies

When exactly IS wedding season? Is it now? I’m pretty sure it will be here soon, but I know so little about this topic that I’d probably have no idea we were on the verge if it weren’t for For Love and Lemons recently released Bridal Skivvies collection. But color me seduced because this collection is fantastic. It’s as unique as any of their other collections but just so romantic, and cheeky! Gorgeous lace, embossed crepe, floral appliques, and just the right amount of white satin.

As someone who has never liked bridal lingerie (um come on it’s always cheesy or virginal which is super awkward) I was pleasantly surprised by For Love and Lemons bridal skivvies collection. Bridal lingerie never seems accessible to anyone who isn’t getting married. There’s usually a whole lot of shiny satin, a lot of unnecessary frill, or just too much going on. My favorite is the tulle bow on the thong which makes it look like you have a veil…for your bum. Classy. But overall this collection is just gorgeous.

Aside from the fairly matrimonial Wifey and I Do pieces (I love them), so much of this collection is wearable beyond the wedding night. But the point is you don’t need to be getting married to jump into one of these adorable and cheeky as hell ensembles, maybe you just love white, that is more than enough reason. It’s time to sex it up with these Bridal Skivvies. A bit of kink and a whole lot of beauty.

Everlasting Love Playsuit | For Love and Lemons Bridal Skivvies

Blushing Bride Slip Dress, Honeymoon Thong | For Love and Lemons Bridal Skivvies

Yours Truly Lace Robe, Yours Truly Lace Thong, Yours Truly Garter | For Love and Lemons Bridal Skivvies

Desire Lace Underwire Bra | For Love and Lemons Bridal Skivvies

'I Do' Satin Panty | For Love and Lemons Bridal Skivvies

Honeymoon Underwire Bra // Honeymoon Garter Belt // Honeymoon Thong // Everlasting Love Playsuit // Blushing Bride Slip Dress // Yours Truly Lace Robe // Yours Truly Lace Thong // Yours Truly Garter // Desire Lace Underwire Bra // ‘I Do’ Satin Panty

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