Mother’s Day Ideas

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Mom and daughter - Mother's Day Ideas

It’s almost that time again, where we celebrate our mamas for their mothering skills. Whether you’re honoring your mom, friends who are mothers, or your motherly friend who makes you mac and cheese at 3am when you’re drunk, it’s time to recognize that moms come in all forms. That being said, Mother’s Day is May 10th and gift guides are ferociously circulating the internet. I tend to find many Mother’s Day gifts very stereotypically mom-like, which yeah can be nice but how many twin sets and strands of pearls does Mom need? Or how about heart-shaped necklaces engraved with “Mom” with her birthstone or something really cheesy and not at all personal. My own mom is crazy difficult to buy presents for and as much as I hate to admit it I usually end up giving her a gift card so she can buy what she really wants.

If I were a mother you know what I would want for Mother’s Day? A pizza. Pamper me with pizza, please. So instead of a making a gift guide I put together a list of some of the great Mother’s Day ideas I’ve seen on the interwebs. Many of them are focused on food (duh, although you really just need the link to Papa John’s pizza) and a few are focused on pampering, because mama needs her ME time.

Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother's Day Sangria Bar | Cupcakes and Cashmere - Mother's Day Ideas

This sangria bar with photo tags from Cupcakes and Cashmere is adorable and obviously very tasty. Honoring Mom with booze and embarrassing photos. Hello ’80s hair and ’90s fashion.

Beautiful Photo Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day | Glitter Guide - Mother's Day Ideas

While I usually find photo gifts boring, these photo gift ideas from Glitter Guide are actually really fun. Like the photo calendar that feels modern and fresh.

Casual, cute mother's day outfit - Mother's Day Ideas

A super cute Mother’s Day outfit. Love the neutrals with the animal print flats.

DIY Mother’s Day Salt Scrub Bar | Glitter Guide - Mother's Day Ideas

Isn’t Mother’s Day all about pampering and giving Mom some time to herself? How about making some salt scrub as a gift? Or do what Glitter Guide did and make it into a salt scrub party!

Moms Rule: Mother’s Day Brunch | The Alison Show - Mother's Day Ideas

I kinda like the idea of throwing a Moms Rule party for your mommy friends even if it’s just an excuse to celebrate each other and decorate with pineapples and palm leaves.

Rhubarb and Grand Marnier Tart Recipe | Design Love Fest - Mother's Day Ideas

If you’re having your Mom or mother figure over to celebrate, maybe try your hand at some baking with this rhubarb and Grand Marnier tart.

Small Measures: Mother's Day Bath Salts, 3 Ways | Design Sponge - Mother's Day Ideas

My Mom has always been a fan of taking hot baths and keeps massive quantities of epsom salt near the tub. It really is the best thing for relaxing your muscles so why not create some lovely homemade bath salts for Mother’s Day.

Breakfast in Bed Idea for Mother's Day | House That Lars Built - Mother's Day Ideas

I don’t know if we ever did a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed for my Mom when I was growing up. I’m pretty sure she didn’t like having food in the bed but this breakfast of lavender honey crepe cake, fresh fruit, and blackberry lemonade is lacking in crumbs and looks absolutely delicious!