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I’m kind of obsessed with stylish celebrity moms, and I’m not the only one. We all want to see celeb mommies walking around with their kids looking totally perfect. It’s almost a sick obsession, but we just can’t help ourselves. It’s part curiosity, part aspiration. I know when I see a celebrity with her kids looking totally bomb-ass-flawless I think, “I hope I look that amazing when I’m a mom.” Miranda Kerr in her leather jacket with her son who’s wearing a beanie and a puffer coat? That’s what I aspire to, and if my kid can look that cool, even better.

There’s a fear that as a mom you’re stuck with a completely uninspiring wardrobe. Like you pop out a child and the only thing you’re allowed to wear is ill-fitting khakis and twin sets. Gag me with a spoon why don’t you. I’m hoping my style gets better as I mature, not worse!

What people don’t understand is, you have control over your wardrobe, aside from your work wardrobe, you can pretty much wear whatever you want. And dress your child however you want, that is until they throw fits and tell you that OshKosh B’gosh is NOT cool and that they will wear magenta and only magenta for the rest of eternity (yes, that was my five year old self). But really, if you love chucks and hoodies and want to put your kid in chucks and hoodies then so be it! Are you uber classy like Kate Middleton and love to wear fabulous shift dresses? Or are you down with your boho self and want to show off sick abs with a crop top like Nicole Richie? In the immortal words of Bodie from The Wire, “Do what you feel.”

Now onto the GIVEAWAY! I’ve partnered with to honor the moms this week by hosting a Mother’s Day Photo Contest on Instagram. All you have to do is post a stylish photo on Instagram of your mom or mother figure in your life using #zebraheartmoms. One lucky winner will be chosen on Friday May 8th and receive a $150 gift card to Who doesn’t love that? Post a supa dupa fly photo of your mama with #zebraheartmoms and possibly get free money. Are you down for that? I’m down for that, now go post!

Here Are The First Pictures Of The New Royal Baby The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge introduce their newborn princess | BuzzFeed

Here Are The First Pictures Of The New Royal Baby | BuzzFeed – Is it cheating to put Kate Middleton and the new princess on here? I mean, she was just born! How can I not put them on here? Kate always looks flawless and here she looks just as amazing as she did after giving birth to Prince George. #fresherthanyou

The Foolproof Mom Wardrobe: A Jessica Alba Case Study | Who What Wear | Stylish Celebrity Moms

The Foolproof Mom Wardrobe: A Jessica Alba Case Study | Who What Wear – Jessica Alba is like super mom. I absolutely love that she runs her own business (which is centered around children) and looks basically flawless at all times. She’s amazing and so is her style, taking the popular trends and working them into her mommy wardrobe.

Beckham Family Front Row at Burberry | DailyMail | Stylish Celebrity Moms

Beckham Family Front Row at Burberry | DailyMail – There were a ton of stylish photos of Victoria Beckham to choose from but I couldn’t resist this one of the family at the Burberry show, decked out in Burberry. How many times do I have to say Burberry for you to understand that Victoria Beckham is Queen.

Miranda Kerr's Street Style Hits | Harper's Bazaar | Stylish Celebrity Moms

Miranda Kerr’s Street Style Hits | Harper’s Bazaar – This is exactly how I’d want to dress as a mom. All black, leather jacket, bosslady-ing it up. Miranda’s style is always on point and it extends to her son Flynn Bloom’s style. They’re so well dressed at all times, even their casual style is perfect.

Katie Holmes and Suri | Popsugar | Stylish Celebrity Moms

Katie Holmes and Suri | Popsugar – Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise have been one of my favorite mother child combos to watch since the beginning. Katie’s style improved significantly during TomKat and it’s nice to see that even after Tom she’s got it going on. This girl loves her jeans which is cool by me because she usually kills it.

Nicole Richie with Harlow and Sparrow Madden | Social Bliss | Stylish Celebrity Moms

Nicole Richie with Harlow and Sparrow Madden | Social Bliss – I love how they’re kinda matching here. A cute color coordinated family where everyone looks super cute instead of matchy matchy and ridiculous. Nicole Richie, in true Nicole Richie fashion wears what she wants and looks boss doing it. Like I said, you don’t have to look mom-ish to be a mom.

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  • Jamie
    May 4, 2015

    I would love to be Jessica Alba or Nicole Richie mommy fabulous!

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