Beauty Basics – Quick 5 Minute Updo

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You’re witnessing a first here today. A hair tutorial that requires more than just product and a curling iron. I’m throwing in bobby pins and featuring a quick 5 minute updo. I’ve always wanted to showcase some hair tutorials and now is the time. As I sat around searching the dark caverns of my brain, my husband actually threw out the idea for this post. He is a hairstylist after all and hears the concerns of women on a daily basis.

When asked why I haven’t touched on an easy updo that anyone can do I found myself asking, “well why haven’t I showcased an easy updo”? Don’t we all get in a hair slump from time to time and feel helpless with nothing left to do with our mane besides throw a hat on it? I know I do more often than not. Maybe I’ll make a thing of it and show step by step guides on my favorite go-to hairstyles. Sound like a plan?

The updo this week requires beginner level skill, a few bobby pins, hairspray and 5 minutes. Even the hair challenged can throw this together and feel good about the outcome. Trust. I’m not hair expert, I just can talk the talk thanks to my husband! Keep this in your arsenal since wedding season is upon us, or if you’re like me showcase it as part of your daily look.

You’ll Need:

Quick 5 Minute Updo | Beauty Basics

Prep your hair with a good blow dry, let air dry with Surf Spray or curl in 1 inch sections to give your hair some extra body. There’s no right or wrong with the hair you start with for this look. I prefer to blow dry and curl my hair for that messy bounce. It gives the “I didn’t try too hard” look.

Start by teasing the hair at the crown. If you’re not sure of where the crown is located, think of where a Queen wears her crown, and tease that area.

Next, gather the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. The lower the better. Don’t form too tight of a pony because you want it to be loose and easy to manipulate.

Part your hair above the elastic and flip your ponytail through. Remember Topsy Tail? You’re channeling your inner 90’s beauty queen and bringing the topsy tail back for round two.

Now that you have your pony flipped, wrap it around your index finger at the base of the hair elastic and secure in place with the bobby pins.

Secure in the twist where your finger is and into the nape area. This hides the bobby pins and will give you a secure hold.

Finish off by pulling a few pieces out for the extra messy look and adding a light layer of hairspray all over.


– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!