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Peggy Olson Mad Men Season 7 Lost Horizon gif

In honor of Peggy Olson, the Queen of Mad Men, I’m bringing back the topic of hangover sunglasses. Really this is just an excuse to express my love of Peggy in last week’s episode. Even for those of you who have never seen Mad Men this gif is self explanatory.

Besides being a siiiiiiiiiick nasty complement to a bad ass slow motion walk down a hallway, sunglasses are basically THE BEST. And yes looking cool is nice, but to me that’s really just a bonus to what sunglasses are really about. I could sit here and say, “Omg sunglasses are the best accessory. Like, they really make an outfit. Aren’t they divine?”

But honestly I just like hiding behind shades. A lot. Hiding from the sun, hiding from people. If I ever leave the house without makeup on, guess what I’ll be wearing? Yep, shades. If I’m hungover as hell with bloodshot eyes and huge bags, you can bet I’ll be in sunglasses. Incidentally Peggy is rockin’ those shades mostly because of the latter but also to kick in the door of her new job with some intimidating swag. Sunglasses work for that too. Those “cooler” reasons aside, my eyes are super sensitive to light, like seriously sun, hit the dimmer. When it comes to light sensitivity, just call me a vampire.

So I like/love sunglasses, and I think everyone should be lucky enough to have at least 3 or 4 pairs, because different shades call for different moods and different settings. Like updated cat-eye styles with super extended frames. Those are pure attitude, for when you’re really trying to slay.

Mirror frames make me wanna go run around and listen to cool music outside. How bout some pink shades? Pink shades are romantic and cheeky for when you want to be cute and playful. Then we’ve got the all purpose classics, tortoise and black. They will never go out of style and can be whatever you want them to be. Octagonal frames are offbeat and funky for you quirky types. And then there are round glasses. I normally hate round frames because I think they make your face look fat, but if you’re lucky enough to have the chiseled jaw of a Roman statue then round lenses will be a scene stealer. I’ve tried to hit on all of these options in this collage but there a million more styles of sunglasses out there. For me personally I think my next pair is going to some sexy pink aviators.

Hangover Sunglasses

1. Elizabeth And James Lafayette Cat Eye Sunglasses

2. Jeepers Peepers Round Mirror Sunglasses

3. Super Sunglasses America Sunglasses

4. ASOS Handmade Cat Eye Sunglasses

5. Ray-Ban New Rubber Youngster Sunglasses

6. Wildfox Catfarer Deluxe Sunglasses

7. Dita Von Teese Eyewear Femme Totale Sunglasses

8. Elizabeth And James ‘Lane’ 54mm Sunglasses

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  • Jamie
    May 8, 2015

    PEGGY IS THE BEST! I feel like I’ve had walks like that but never looked as bad ass. I like your collection but loving the Jeepers Peepers round pair

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