Pinterest Picks – 6 Flavored Lemonade Recipes

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Can we say that it’s officially picnic season yet? Memorial day is coming up so I’d say we’re close enough to that time of year when lemonade is going to become an everyday part of your life. I thought about making this post about lemonade cocktails but then I remembered how universally loved straight-up lemonade is and figured, nah, let’s just find some really tasty non-alcoholic recipes. There are tons and tons of lemonade recipes on Pinterest so a few of these drinks below are pretty unique, just to show you how crazy you can get when life gives you lemons. While I do like strawberry lemonade, I stayed away from it this time around, although I did find a very delicious sounding classic lemonade recipe, because you gotta start somewhere right?

When it comes to lemonade the sugar, water, lemon ratio boggles my mind. Everyone likes their lemonade a certain way and for me I’m more of fan of tart than sweet. This might give you some insight into the recipes I chose for today’s post. None of them are sickly sweet and most of them are more on the tart side. Even flavors I normally wouldn’t go for, like peaches have their sweetness toned down by the spiciness of some red chillies. Oh and for the love of ginger, my goodness if you’re a ginger fan definitely check out the two ginger flavored lemonades. It’s such a refreshing combination.

What are you favorite lemonade combinations? Are you a fan of sweet or sour? Or do you like it a little spicy?

Classic Lemonade | Jelly Toast | 6 Flavored Lemonade Recipes

Classic Lemonade | Jelly Toast – Sometimes you just need a glass of that good ol’ classic lemonade. This one uses simple syrup instead of straight up sugar to class things up a bit.

Fresh Blueberry and Mint Lemonade | Joy the Baker | 6 Flavored Lemonade Recipes

Fresh Blueberry and Mint Lemonade | Joy the Baker – I thought I’d throw in a little herbaceous flavor in here for you. Lemons are tangy, blueberries are sweet, and mint is refreshing. Overall, this drink sounds damn delicious.

Let's Make Mocktails: Ginger Beer Lemonade | A Beautiful Mess | 6 Flavored Lemonade Recipes

Let’s Make Mocktails: Ginger Beer Lemonade | A Beautiful Mess – Oh ginger beer, you’re so trendy right now. But thank goodness because you’re delicious. This combination of ginger beer and tart lemonade makes for a carbonated, crisp drink.

Spicy White Peach Lemonade | Heather Christo | 6 Flavored Lemonade Recipes

Spicy White Peach Lemonade | Heather Christo – Honestly I saw the red chillies and immediately knew this had to be in this post. Lemons and chillies are such a great combination but the sweetness of the peach mellows them out.

Back to the Kitchen: Spicy Ginger Tumeric Lemon Limeade | The Gouda Life | 6 Flavored Lemonade Recipes

Back to the Kitchen: Spicy Ginger Tumeric Lemon Limeade | The Gouda Life – This lemon-limeade has such a unique flavor that it’s kind of a must-try. And it’s spicy! And spice is exciting.

Blackberry Lemonade | Pastry Affair | 6 Flavored Lemonade Recipes

Blackberry Lemonade | Pastry Affair – This blackberry option tickles my fancy because blackberries aren’t as sweet as lemonade’s more-expected fruit partner, the strawberry. We’ve all experienced the loveliness of strawberry lemonade but this one is the ideal balance of sweet to tart.