Pinterest Picks – Lucy Hale’s Bob is Killing It

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When it comes to hair goals Lucy Hale has my number. Ever since the very first season of PLL I’ve been ogling Lucy Hale’s luscious locks. I cannot think of a single time I’ve seen this girl with bad hair. I tried to find a pic and there’s nothing, just 24/7 amazing thick healthy hair. The long hair of dreams. But then Lucy Hale chopped off her locks into a lob, the most talked about hairstyle over the last few years. Seriously, who doesn’t have a lob right now? EVERYONE is getting a lob cut, obviously Lucy’s was near perfection. But then. She went shorter. Ms. Hale went full bob and found hairstyle gold.

I thought about doing a Pinterest Picks post centered around “the Lob” but thought, you know whose picture I’m way more likely to take to my hairstylist? Lucy Hale. So today’s post is entirely centered around Lucy Hale’s ridiculously perfect bob haircut. Product is really key to making this hairstyle work, along with a flat iron to get that perfect wave. Thankfully, I came across this article on how to get Lucy Hale’s hair by The Beauty Department, aka the ones who actually cut and style Lucy’s hair. I love when stylists share their secrets.

Lucy Hale on Instagram | Lucy Hale bob haircut

Hair perfection. Right there. Actually the styling of this photo is general is spot on but focus on the hair!

Lucy Hale | Lucy Hale bob haircut

This is some seriously sexy bedhead hair! If I had short hair I’d try to achieve this daily.

Lucy Hale with friends on Instagram | Lucy Hale bob haircut

I love what it looks like straight just as much as when it is wavy.

Lucy Hale's hair on instagram | Lucy Hale bob haircut

A shot of the bob from the back.

Lucy Hale getting her haircut | Lucy Hale bob haircut

Using a flat iron to get those good relaxed waves.

Lucy Hale instagram | Lucy Hale bob haircut


The ’90s vibe of this shot with the bob and the black strapless dress is perfect.