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May has been an energizing month full of inspiration.  I found myself being more beauty obsessed this month and chatting with lady friends about new products, new must-haves, and new applications. The best beauty advice you can get is from the ladies in your life. I’ve splurged a bit and obsessed over the necessary. And by necessary I mean lip balms and mascaras. I’m already excited for what June and July have to offer because products and beauty buzz is only going to get better. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves and focus on this past month.

The Edit | Beauty Basics - May Beauty Edit

  1. I’m always intrigued by the way different cultures obsess over beauty. Koreans are on point and know what they are doing. There are a handful of Korean beauty products the pros can’t live without. Gold Royal Jelly is one that seems a bit odd and you may not consider it…until now. Improve your skin’s elasticity with this tiny little jar. via Refinery29
  2. Working out is hard enough. Trying to master looking pretty at the same time is not something I’ve ever thought twice about. Until now. Mane Addicts has been my new go-to hair blog to get my weekly dose of hair-spiration. They taught me all about mastering the perfect hairdo, like the simple braid, to make going to the gym slightly more beautiful. via Mane Addicts
  3. With our vacation 2 weeks away I’m slightly stressing over sunscreens, sun damage, and protecting my family’s porcelain skin. A little research uncovered that Josie Maran’s Daily Argan Moisturizer SPF 47 is ranked as THE BEST sunscreen on the market. It moisturizes, corrects, perfects, and protects your skin in the sun. Now if only there were a Costco size version…
  4. I love this nail color roundup featured on Nail color inspiration to get you through every weekend this summer. From neons to metallics and shimmers to deep hues, you’re bound to find some inspiration in making sure your swimsuit and nail game is on point. via Vogue
  5. Leave it to MAC to make me happy. Their new collections never seem to let me down. In their new ‘Wash & Dry’ collection you’ll find the entire summer rainbow. Limited Edition packaging always makes me weak and is a must-have just for that. These eye color palettes are quite possibly my favorite, especially the Green Clean Trio makes me wish for summer nights!
  6. I don’t like to think of myself as an Earthy Granola Mommy but I am cautious of what I put on my skin and Ava’s skin these days. With our recent Honest diaper delivery they include one of their Honest Lip Balms in the box. Now the entire family is addicted. Ava gets a little lip balm action after baths, I keep one in my purse and Adam, even though he would never admit it, uses it on the daily as well. Organic, paraben free and safe for baby….essentials to my current life.
  7. Simple, secret mascara techniques you never thought of trying… Do you mix your mascaras? Do you go as far as to use a different brush other than what comes in the tube? How about changing directions with your application? All of these plus more to hack your mascara application. via (mascaras featured left to right Lancôme Hypnôse Drama, Diorshow, Clinique Bottom Lash, Smashbox Hyperlash, Lancôme Grandiôse)

– Jamie of Hello There Lady