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TRIANGL Swimwear Poppy Flamingo Fling

Shopping for a new bikini can be such a bummer.  Many of us have had that dreaded feeling of, “oh no it’s almost summertime and my body is nowhere near beach ready.” I had this feeling the other night when I realized that I’m going on vacation next month and I don’t have a bikini that fits, so I tried on all my suits to see if one would look right and alas, no…this would not do. I then rushed to my computer to do a little bikini research and remembered a certain, very popular swimwear line, TRIANGL.

They’ve been around for a few years but really blew up in 2014. You’d see a bikini on social media and immediately know it was a TRIANGL bikini. That signature boning on their bikini tops, bra styles, and colors are easy to spot. People seriously rave about these bikinis, they’re flattering, sexy, cute, and supposedly magic.

Color me convinced because I spent literally hours researching these things and everyone seems to love them. The only negative people have is that they are “expensive”. Well, I must be spending way too much on bikinis (that don’t even fit well) because almost every review I watched or read said, “I don’t normally pay this much for a bikini” but when I saw the price I thought, wow that’s really reasonable. Where are you guys buying your cheap bikinis? And how long do they last? I’m looking for a suit that looks fantastic and will last. TRIANGL bikinis are made of neoprene so they’re thick and form-fitting, they have adjustable straps, and the balconette styles have underwire and molded cups.

The only problem I have with buying a swimsuit online is that I can’t try it on beforehand, though supposedly TRIANGL swimwear is incredibly helpful with sizing. Almost every review I read/watched recommended the chat feature on their site to help with sizing. I actually started a chat to ask about swimming because most reviewers were giving first impressions or seemed to have no interest in swimming, just lounging about in their suits. I want to swim! And I expressed my concerns about accidental nudity while swimming. They assured me that if I got the right size then there shouldn’t be any problems. So I think I’m going to pull the trigger on one of these below. I’m still undecided but come on, look at these suits. They’re so fun and sexy, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

TRIANGL Swimwear Brigette In the Summertime

TRIANGL Swimwear Brigette In the Summertime – This is my favorite. It’s so pretty and fun and bright! Exactly what summer should be. The crochet detail is gorgeous and I love the colorblocking on the balconette bra.

TRIANGL Swimwear Farrah Hotel California

TRIANGL Swimwear Farrah Hotel California – Gotta love the ’70s vibe of this suit. From the crochet details to the navy blue color. TRIANGL has a few other suits with a ’70s vibe in green, tan, and denim. Palm Springs will be calling your name if you go for this suit.

TRIANGL Swimwear Milly New York Noir

TRIANGL Swimwear Milly New York Noir – This one I’ll call the “Batkini” since its rubberized texture kinda reminds me of Batman, not that my nickname should stop you from liking it. I have to point out the likeness. Otherwise it’s a pretty sleek, Bond-girl-ish suit.

TRIANGL Swimwear Milly Indiana Ice

TRIANGL Swimwear Milly Indiana Ice – White isn’t the safest choice, but if you have a tan it can look amazing. This suit is clean, simple, and totally fits the black and white obsession that’s been going on in the fashion world.

TRIANGL Swimwear Ollie Tilly Sunburst

TRIANGL Swimwear Ollie Tilly Sunburst – The simple, colorful bottoms contrast really cutely with the mesh top. I like the sporty but really sexy style of this triangle top.

TRIANGL Swimwear Winnie Arizona Sunset

TRIANGL Swimwear Winnie Arizona Sunset – A super flattering bandeau suit. I love the scuba style of this suit with the large black zipper against the bright, neon coral.


  • Jamie
    June 5, 2015

    New York Noir or Indiana Ice. Oooh! Or Tilly Sunburst because I love the different textures from the top and bottom.

    • Julia Amodt
      June 5, 2015

      I love how it’s like, “I’ll take this one, and this one, and this one”. Hey, where do you go bathing suit shopping btw? So many of mine I bought at Macys on sale and they suck.

      • Jamie
        June 5, 2015

        I’ve purchased from aerie, VS, Nordstrom, Macy’s (same bad luck as you) and J.Crew in the past.

        • Julia Amodt
          June 5, 2015

          What are your thoughts on J.Crew’s suits? I really like their prints/styles but didn’t know about quality or fit.

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