The Blowout at Swink Style Bar

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Before my Swink Style Bar blowout - Swink Style Bar Review

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to try my very first blow out at Swink Style Bar, a Seattle dry and style bar. As someone who is always on the lookout for tips on how to beautify my hair how could I say no? Not to mention getting your hair done just feels so good. So yesterday I headed to Seattle to get pampered, take some pics, and find out more about Swink Style Bar.

Swink Style Bar Aveda products - Swink Style Bar Review

Swink Style Bar Moroccan Oil products - Swink Style Bar Review

At Swink, they offer a full range of services, including blowouts, dry styles, makeup, lash extensions, facial waxing, even bridal services, each with its own neatly and comfortably organized section. My stylist Jessica, a New York native with amazing boho style and an obsession with World Market (we bonded), told me the secret to a great blowout is in your roots. Give your scalp a massage when you wash it, get that product into your roots before you even pick up the dryer, and then as you’re blowing your hair dry, pull the hair the opposite direction (focusing on…can you guess? the roots). Jessica also said that it’s better to start with a ton of volume and then tame it into the style you want because once your hair is flat, that’s that. So go big or go home.

I’ll be honest though, I was worried Jessica might be going too big when she told me she was going to put my hair in rollers. I imagined girly big curls. But I’m so glad I trusted her because she got the right amount of volume. What more can I say about the result beyond the fact that I felt pretty.

And now that I know that Swink Style Bar gives beautiful blowouts I kinda want to try a dry style. Maybe a really pretty braid since I’m obsessed with braids and cannot for the life of me braid my own hair. Or maybe a sassy ponytail. My mind is racing with possibilities. For someone who is not hair savvy, a place like Swink Style Bar is a blessing. They also offer bundled packages of 3, 6, or 12 blowouts/dry styles which would make a perfect gift (hint, hint) Sometimes you need to treat yo’ self, and getting a really quality blowout can totally make your day. It definitely made mine. Be sure to check out Swink Style Bar on Facebook and follow @swinkstylebar on Twitter. :)

Thank you to Jessica my lovely Swink stylist, Keridwyn Deller for making this happen, and Swink Style Bar for having me! While the blowout was courtesy of Swink, the opinions expressed are my own. 

Swink Style Bar Downtown Seattle - Swink Style Bar Review

After my Swink Style Bar blowout - Swink Style Bar Review

Me with Jessica, my Swink Style Bar stylist - Swink Style Bar Review