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Eyebrows | Beauty Basics - Eyebrow tutorial

Julia tossed out the idea for this week’s post. We have mentioned brows a few times back and forth but when I asked what she wanted to see, brows were at the top of her list. Knowing that this would be the topic of June’s giftorial I was under extreme pressure to have my brows on point. Oh and the fact that the gifs would be zoomed in on my face and showing every fine line, wrinkle and imperfection caused no pressure what so ever. But I’m taking one for the team because eyebrows are sensitive subjects amongst us women.

Brows are easier than you imagine. Before getting started on this tutorial, make sure to check out how to shape your brows from posts past. Once your brows are on point, it’s time to fill them in. Check out these great products depending on your preference and comfort level. I personally prefer a powder or gel, such as the Benefit Brow-Zing. Even if you opt for a pencil the technique is the same. Small strokes and lots of blending.

Just jump right in and start applying the product. Since I use a gel/powder combo, I start by applying in small strokes with an angled brow brush. You’re basically feathering the product on to give a more natural look to your brows. If you go with long, solid strokes then you’ll end up with painted brows. I like to work on the perimeter of the brow first and then work my way to filling in the entire area. This way I can define the perfect shape.

Eyebrows | Beauty Basics - Eyebrow Tutorial Step 1

After filling in and defining the front half I work my way to the tail of the brow. This is typically easier because you have less room to cover but again, light feather strokes. Create the tapered tail with fewer strokes bringing it all to the end point.

Eyebrows | Beauty Basics - Eyebrow Tutorial Step 2

Now that you have defined and filled, it’s time to blend. With a brow brush or spooly, go over the entire area to blend and smooth the brow color and hairs. This can not only help to soften any areas that you were a bit heavy handed with but it also helps to get the hairs in place.

Eyebrows | Beauty Basics - Eyebrow Tutorial Step 3



– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!