Birkenstock: The Comfiest Sandal of Them All

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Oh for the love of Birkenstocks. Do you love them? Do you hate them? Do you love to hate them but secretly wear them? Birks are a controversial shoe. Some people think they’re ugly, some people are obsessed with them. Obsessed. Then you have the people who have donned Birks for years and all these new styles? Who needs ’em. They’ll stick to their classic Arizona two straps until the cows come home. But if there’s one thing everyone can agree on is that Birkenstocks are comfortable. Yes, they need to be broken in but once they are, they become one with you and you can conquer the world. Really, they are that comfortable.

I grew up in Washington state and the mostly true cliché is that Seattle is full of crunchy granola loving hippies who wear Birkenstocks. But recently Birks have become mainstream, probably because now there are so many styles and yeah, celebrities love them. I never gave Birkenstocks a second look when I was younger because I was blessed with boat feet and clunky sandals don’t look good on me. Now however, I’m on board. There are too many cute variations to ignore.

I recently complimented a friend of mine on her sandals and said, “oh my god, are those Birkenstocks?” (I think she was wearing the Mayari style). When she giddily confirmed that she was indeed wearing Birks I was really surprised as to how flattering they were. Not clunky. Just cute. After that I did some investigating and it turns out Birkenstocks have gotten smart and not only offer the classic two strap, but a ton of three strap and thong styles. Plus, so many colors and textures. I’m considering Birkenstocks now, like a sickness, but what do you think? To Birk or not to Birk?

Arizona Two Strap Birkenstock | Birkenstock Sandals 2015

Arizona Birki (also in Patent leather) // Birkenstock Arizona Two Band Sandals // Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Suede Sandal

How can you deny the classic? The trendiest Birkenstock right now I believe is the white Birks. I’ve been seeing them everywhere and kinda want a pair myself. They have vacation written all over them. But you know what? Classic black works too.

Gizeh Birkenstock | Birkenstock Sandals 2015

Birkenstock Gizeh Birko-Flor Thong // Birkenstock Gizeh Birko-Flor Mirror Sandal in Rose Gold // Gizeh Birkenstock

Thick thong styles like the Gizeh Birkenstock feel super bohemian and the dark brown leather pair is pretty much the sandal of a boho princess’s dreams. For everyone else? Rose Gold.

Florida Birkenstock | Birkenstock Sandals 2015

Birkenstock Florida Soft Footbed Sandal // Birkenstock Florida Mirror Silver Sandal // Florida Birkenstock

They’re like the classic but cuter. Some may think the classic two strap is a little clunky so here’s your solution, thinner more flattering straps. Love the brown suede for every day but I enjoy a good mirrored sandal…it’s so hard to choose.

Mayari Birkenstock and Yara Birkenstock | Birkenstock Sandals 2015

Mayari Birkenstock also available at Nordstrom // Yara Birkenstock also available at Amazon in Antique Brown or Habana

These two are my favorite of all the Birks. No offense to Birkenstocks but I have large feet already, and these sandals would be much more flattering. They’re so cute. And the wrapped toe. And the ankle strap on the Yara style. And the everything. These win. Hands down.

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