Cheeky Jewelry

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It’s time to sass up your wardrobe. Yep, I’ve got some cheeky ’90s throwback jewelry for you. Back then ‘Whatever’ and ‘Loser’ were pretty much on everything from stickers to shirts to necklaces. Well, with our # obsessed, emoji loving culture, it’s no wonder that these fun pieces have once again become so popular. The internet age has tag-teamed with Gen-X ’90s attitude and infiltrated the jewelry world and I’m loving it.

I’ve rounded up some of the best statement jewelry and by statement, I really do mean you’re saying something. There are way too many options and they all have a ton of snark and attitude, but in a fun way, not a I-want-to-burn-your-house-down-because-I’m-bitter kind of way. Sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and want to tell the world to shove it. There’s only so much black eyeliner you can wear to show your badittude and honestly a piece of jewelry is so much cheekier. It’s also not as blatant as wearing a shirt emblazoned with expletives or something equally raunchy (queue Kylie Jenner’s recent shirt of choice).

Often people won’t even notice what your jewelry says. Well, if you wear a little necklace that says “bitch, please” you probably do want the right people to notice. But remember I never said you had to go down the NSFW route. The key here is to walk that edge into slighty inappropriate but still fun, without getting too nasty or offensive. You could don a kickass Pizza ring. Or how about a little Hustle bracelet?

Cheeky Jewelry

1. In God We Trust Bitch Please Heart Necklace

2. Hustle Bangle

3. In God We Trust Best Fuckin’ Friends Necklace

4. Faris Dope Stud

5. Jacquie Aiche Fuck Ring

6. Snash Jewelry Nerd Ring

7. Snash Jewelry Pizza Ring

8. Pyrrha Vanity Talisman Necklace

9. In God We Trust NSFW Necklace