Beauty Basics – Recreate the Look Gigi Hadid

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I have serious girl crush envy over Gigi Hadid. She makes the beach babe look seem effortless and cool. Maybe because she grew up in Malibu and lived on a beach, because I’ve watched enough Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to know this, she knows how to look cool without trying. She can literally make a paper bag look good, or in this case some oversized latex poncho. There was only one option for August’s beauty look that I wanted to recreate and that would be Gigi Hadid’s Model Off Duty natural look.

Models are used to running around in extravagant get-ups, inches of makeup on their face and fierce hairstyles that only last for mere minutes. When they’re off duty and running errands around town they look normal, like you and me. It makes them more relatable because they don’t carry over these extreme looks into their daily lives. Of course they have gorgeous, flawless skin but they just look like your best friend that you meet for brunch. Their looks are easy to recreate and you can find yourself looking cool being model-esque.

To create this month’s look you only need a few key pieces, all of which you may already have. When breaking down the products for the post I realized I use similar colors in my everyday “natural work look”. So have I been cool all along? Well maybe…

This makeup look should take you only a matter of minutes. I timed myself one morning and mind you this was in between running around after Ava and applying my makeup for work. In total it took me 8 minutes to complete from start to finish. Throw on a pair of your favorite denimbasic white teeoversized sunnies and you’re on your way to being Gigi Hadid.

Recreate the Look Gigi Hadid | Beauty Basics

Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup // Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush // Charlotte Tilbury ‘Filmstar Bronze & Glow’ Duo // Jouer Mineral Powder Blush in Blossom // DIORSHOW Iconic Overcurl Mascara // MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes // MAC Brow Set // BareMineral Pop of Passion Lip Balm in Caramel

First and foremost, we always start with foundation. Since Gigi is a beach babe you’re going to choose a lightweight formula. Nothing heavy or overdone here. Check out Clinique’s Perfectly Real Makeup, in your desired shade, and buff it on with Tarte’s Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush.

Bronze and highlight your cheekbones with Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Filmstar Bronze & Glow’ Duo. I like to take some of the highlighter and smudge a little bit on my eyelids with my finger. It helps to even out your lids and give it a pop of brightness. Finish off the face with Jouer’s Mineral Powder Blush in Blossom. This color is Gigi’s personal go-to so you know it’s basically the most perfect color ever.

If you’re really wanting to be the true beach babe, then you need some waterproof liner. Using MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Aqua Eyes (in light brown) apply a thin line to the upper lashline and smudge with your finger or q-tip. You want it to be barely noticeable but enough color that it helps to enhance your lashes. Finish off with a coat or two of DIORSHOW Iconic Overcurl Mascara to really plump up your lashes. No need for a lash curler with this mascara.

Fill in your brows a little but no need to over do it. MAC’s Brow Set is perfect because you can brush on color to give a hint of fuller brows. Apply a light lip colors, such as BareMineral’s Pop of Passion Lip Balm in Caramel for a natural look.


– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!