Get Your Sass on with Luciana Graphic Tees

By Thursday, August 13, 2015 0 Permalink

I love me a good graphic tee or hoodie. And by good I mean something silly, clever, witty, or just about anything that will get a good chuckle. I shared some fave graphic tees on the blog a few months back and have since found a brand that is all about it, Luciana.

Luciana is the brainchild of graphic designer Maria Luciana Martinez who first started out on Etsy before growing big enough to move everything to Along with graphic tees, the site has art prints and tote bags. I really love the undeniably snarky “I care. Just not that much” print and “The difference between pizza & your opinion is that I only asked for pizza” print. Maria, those need to be on some shirts!

Beyond Luciana’s adorable style and sassy slogans, their pieces are reasonably priced, and supporting small businesses is always a good thing, so I couldn’t help but hook myself up. Two of the pieces below are on their way and I’m hoping to do an outfit post with them soon. I want to wear the muscle tank as much as I can while it’s still really hot out, but I lack patience. Gimme my package! Anyway, check out my favorites from Luciana.

Luciana Killing It Muscle Tank | Luciana Graphic Tees

Killing It Muscle Tank – I had to get one more muscle tank before summer ends and this is the one I went for. A good extra boost of confidence when you feel like you’re killing it. ;)

Luciana Allergic to Mornings Hoodie | Luciana Graphic Tees

Allergic to Mornings Hoodie – Yaas! This is also coming my way and for those of you who also are not morning people, let’s just take a second to smile at this one. I will definitely be wearing this all the time.

Luciana Whiskey & Yoga Muscle Tank | Luciana Graphic Tees

Whiskey & Yoga Muscle Tank – Do you like whiskey? Do you like yoga? Do you like drinking whiskey and doing yoga? Ok wait, that’s not actually a thing…is that a thing? Everything is a thing these days. Do what you feel.

Luciana Best of The Best Tee | Luciana Graphic Tees

Best of The Best Tee – This classic graphic tee has been seen around the blogosphere and with the simple but classic font style, it is the best of the best.

Luciana You Are What You Eat Crewneck | Luciana Graphic Tees

You Are What You Eat Crewneck – Just imagine wearing this sweatshirt on a Friday night while watching Netflix and eating your favorite kind of pizza (mine is pepperoni and olives, thanks).

Luciana Zombie for Coffee Tank Top | Luciana Graphic Tees

Zombie for Coffee Tank Top – Ain’t that the truth! Don’t talk to me before I have caffeine in my system. I know, another morning related piece but it’s just too cute.