Lunch Hour Links

What I love about Lunch Hour Links is that I get to talk about all the things I’m excited about that don’t really fit with the rest of the blog theme. Style and Cheek isn’t really niche-y but we do primarily focus on fashion, beauty, and food, so when there’s something else that I want to talk about that some of you might find über interesting, this is where it goes. And yet, I always manage to put food related things on here. What can I say? I’m food obsessed. Hopefully you are too!

  1. My newest obsession is Mascara Wars, a seriously helpful and informative makeup blog for makeup artists (or people who love makeup but aren’t that skilled, like me). I’m in love with the aesthetic and have stalked the bejesus out of makeup artist and creator Lucy Gibson, who’s totally skilled and amazing and inspiring. Teach me everything you know, Lucy! “The Ultimate Truth about Contouring” is what first won me over, but my other favorite articles include “How to Make Glitter Your B*tch” and “MAC: Top 12 Makeup Artist Must Haves“. Tell me, why do all the coolest bloggers have to live in the UK? via Mascara Wars
  2. If you’re looking for a creepy movie to watch, I suggest It Follows. I just rewatched the trailer and it still freaks me out. It’s one of those really subtle, intelligent scary movies where there isn’t a lot of gore or “gotcha!” moments, it’s more of an eerie, “get me out of here” feeling which can be oh so satisfying. It has also received excellent reviews on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes for you guys that need corroboration. Besides the high creep factor of the It (that follows), the music is the best part of the movie. via YouTube
  3. Speaking of movies, definitely check out Ex Machina, another creepy film but in a very different way. It’s sci-fi goodness with a subtle unsettling undertone throughout that builds and builds until you realize that the movie is full blown messed up. It’s a cool movie with a very strange kinda creepy sexual vibe about artificial intelligence and a man with a god complex. The increasing tension makes it very enjoyable. Oh and there is very random but funny disco dance scene. via IMDb
  4. You’ve probably seen my posts about this on Instagram or Snapchat but Ellenos Greek yogurt is lighting up my life! They’re a local hand-crafted Greek yogurt brand that is so delicious and amazing that I’ve all but stopped eating other Greek yogurt (sorry, not sorry). Dan and I are obsessed with the lemon curd flavor but as some local Seattle instagram friends pointed out, their Pike Place and Uwajimaya stores feature flavors like marionberry pie and pumpkin cheesecake. Wut. Yes. via Ellenos
  5. Ever since I read Yahoo Travel’s “Virgin’s First Hotel Got Rid of Everything We Hate About Hotels” I’ve been dreaming about taking a trip to Chicago so I can experience it. Virgin’s first Hotel looks to be worth all the fuss, and as someone who really loves hotels this is right up my alley and probably yours as well. Who doesn’t love the idea of a reasonably priced mini bar, free Wi-Fi, rooms with designated sleeping areas, and changing areas complete with a vanity for putting on your makeup. Usually putting on makeup while traveling is a disaster! This is really the tip of the iceberg but a few reasons why Virgin Hotel in Chicago is on my bucket list. via Yahoo Travel
  6. When it comes to wine pairings, Mexican food always stumps me. I freaking love Mexican food but if I’m not in the mood for a margarita, I end up drinking beer because I never know what else to get. When I see a wine list at a Mexican restaurant I laugh and think, ha no thanks I’ll avoid that confusion. But sometimes beer doesn’t sound good, but alcohol does. Thankfully, Wine Folly, my go-to guide for all things wine, published a thorough article about what Wine to Pair with Mexican Food. This article is so in depth! There’s a list of different dishes and sauces and which wine pairs with each, like prosecco with adobo sauce, or cabernet sauvignon or carmenere with carne asada. Mind blown. via Wine Folly
  7. Dan who LOVES podcasts recently introduced me to ‘Food News‘ a Grantland podcast where David Jacoby and Juliet Litman discuss crazy food trends, food related news like disease scares, and then taste-test new products in just 15 minutes. It’s easy to digest (pun… intended?) and very entertaining. Think, the peas in guacamole controversy and KFC’s pizza chicken. Yeah, someone’s gotta discuss the wacky world of food. Technically they also have video of their podcasts so if you’d rather watch than listen there’s always that option. via Grantland