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Oh, August. Where did you go? The Edit this month is really more of an informative round-up. I learned a lot about new techniques and different techniques more so than new products. With fall right around the corner new products will be taking over so you know there will be a month (maybe September?) where The Edit is dedicated to nothing but new product. Let’s dive in and see what everyone was buzzing about in August.

The Edit | Beauty Basics - August Beauty Edit

  • Do you really think about your skin pre and post workout? I’m normally trying to wipe the sweat from my eyes to avoid tripping over baby toys and then running around chasing after a little one to even think about my skin. When you think about it, your skin needs some extra TLC on those workout days. Dr. Sejal K. Shah recommends removing your makeup completely before working out and showering immediately after a workout. I guess it’s time for me to stock up on Simple Face Wipes for my workout days.
  • The “non washing” hair trend is something I’m quite skeptical of. I have thin hair and if I skip a day of washing my hair, I look as if I had a super rough night. I so badly want to be able to go a day, just one, without washing. This post on Byrdie recommends no shampooing….at all! I’m a shampoo lover and it’s hard to think of not using one. In place of a shampoo try a hair rinse or cleansing conditioner. I’m thinking of giving the hair rinse a try if I can work up the courage to break up with my shampoos.
  • After reading this post from HelloGiggles at the beginning of the month, I started multimasking. Multimasking involves applying different creams and masks to your face depending on the concern or problems you have. As the posts points out, why would you use a blackhead mask over your entire face when the problem may only be on your T-zone? It makes sense right? I may look ridiculous but the multimasking seems to be paying off. At times when I felt dry from using my charcoal mask all over, it’s now concentrated where I need it the most. And I get to dabble in a few new products. Not a bad trade off.
  • Christian Louboutin launched a lipstick line! Since the nail polish collection was so popular, lipstick seemed to be the next leap to take. The collection is offered in 3 textures (Sheer Voile, Silky Satin and Matte Velvet) for a total of 38 colors. I like them just for the packaging alone. I don’t think I care what the colors and product is like. Available in September at Saks, you can get your hands on the unique packaging that supposedly can be worn as jewelry. I guess you never have an excuse to not touch up your lips.
  • I personally think drugstore products get a bad rap. I’m definitely one to splurge and spend money on the products that I love and can’t live without. But there are times when a $5 lipstick makes me happier than the $30 version. Just because drugstore products are cheap doesn’t mean they are sacrificing the quality. This article on The Coveteur made me giddy. A round-up of their favorite drugstore brands and products, as mentioned by the makeup editors, models and skincare gurus of the world. AquaphorNeutrogena Hydrating Cleanser and Nivea Smooth Body Lotion are currently in my bathroom and have been for some time.
  • Am I the only one lusting for fall weather right now? I just want to curl up in a cardigan on our nightly walks and enjoy the crisp air. With fall comes new beauty products and new beauty trends. If it’s anything like Refinery 29 is predicting then I can’t wait! Low ponytails, berry lips, and metallic lids will be taking over before we know it.
  • If you need a good laugh then check out this video of guys trying liquid eyeliner. You won’t just be laughing, you’ll be doubled over in a deep belly laugh after watching this video. The best thing… it’s the same challenges every woman faces each morning when the eyeliner just doesn’t match up!


– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!