Fancy Friday – Rebecca Minkoff Bags and Tech Accessories

By Friday, September 11, 2015 4 Permalink

I have a new reason to love Rebecca Minkoff. Beyond the fact that she makes some of my favorite bags, she’s super into technology and even experimented with VR in her Fall/Winter 2015 runway show. But I stumbled upon her USB connector bracelet and was even more impressed! I hadn’t seen anything like it, at least not in a chic design and a reasonable price. I want it. But there’s more. I came across the charging wristlet that can protect and charge your phone. What!? NEED. If only all designers cared about merging technology with fashion. Trust that the technology world needs it and so do us normal people. That phone charging wallet would come in handy at any all day event (Fashion Week anyone?) conventions, festivals, or just a long day of shopping.

Aside from the tech accessories, I am excited for everything Rebecca Minkoff this fall not only because I’m a big fan, but because fall means burgundy. My favorite. I pretty much only own black bags but that’s only because the perfect burgundy bag hasn’t come around yet. It may be time. That said, per usual Rebecca Minkoff has a ton of sleek black options available. She also has some really great ’70s style saddlebags, bucket bags, and fringe options. I’ll likely go for something more practical but in dream land I’d own all the bags. Is your bag collection large enough to go for something more fun like a cute saddlebag or fringe bucket?

Rebecca Minkoff Lightning Cable Bracelet | Rebecca Minkoff Bags and Tech Accessories

Lightning Cable Bracelet – It’s a USB connector, a bracelet, and cord in one. You have to go look at it. It’s so cool! Why can’t all tech accessories be this pretty?

Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 6 6S Charging Wristlet Wallet | Rebecca Minkoff Bags and Tech Accessories

iPhone 6/6S Charging Wristlet Wallet – My dreams have come true! This wristlet charges your iPhone and holds your money. I know, perfect right? Now if only it came in burgundy…hint hint Rebecca.

Rebecca Minkoff Sex Love & Rock n Roll Pouch | Rebecca Minkoff Bags and Tech Accessories

Sex Love & Rock n Roll Pouch – The fact that the description calls this “cheeky” makes it perfect for Style and Cheek. A simple, chic pouch with different compartments for all your needs.

Rebecca Minkoff Astor Saddle Bag | Rebecca Minkoff Bags and Tech Accessories

Astor Saddle Bag – The saddle bag is making a comeback. What do you think of this cute little thing? It’s a really nice bag to have on hand since it’s small and can be thrown on for fun adventures.

Rebecca Minkoff Regan Crossbody | Rebecca Minkoff Bags and Tech Accessories

Regan Crossbody – Purple suede, perfect for any boho look for fall, including Rebecca Minkoff’s very own runway collection. A classic Rebecca Minkoff bag with fall styling.

Rebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel | Rebecca Minkoff Bags and Tech Accessories

Regan Satchel – This is such a pretty bag. It has retro-ish 70s vibes, especially the brown suede and woven details. The top handle and shoulder strap make it a versatile day or casual nighttime option.

Rebecca Minkoff Suede Jules Satchel | Rebecca Minkoff Bags and Tech Accessories

Suede Jules Satchel – Dream bag! It reminds me of Mulberry bags only more daytime and approachable. Like the cool girl version of the all business but still very sexy Mulberry bags.

Rebecca Minkoff Suede Fringe Mini Fiona Bucket | Rebecca Minkoff Bags and Tech Accessories

Suede Fringe Mini Fiona Bucket – This one ticks two trends off the list, bucket bags and fringe! They coming together to make this super adorable mini crossbody bucket bag.