Ladies Night Out at Swansons Nursery

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Garden people, this one’s for you. Last weekend I went to Swansons Nursery’s Ladies Night Out, a benefit party to support Teen Feed, a nonprofit that helps homeless youth. The event offered wine, live music, mingling around Swanson’s beautiful flora, and the chance to peruse the works of local artisans. There were candles, cutesy house decorations, soaps, cookbooks, and jewelry all for sale. And of course more wine and food. My mom and good friend Sarah came with me and we had a great time, it helped that Swansons Nursery is absolutely beautiful.

I’d never been to Swansons Nursery before and I must say it is gorgeous, especially at dusk. I may have a black thumb but I absolutely love plants, to look at anyway, and being surrounded by plants if only for a couple of hours is truly a wonderful thing. One day I hope my mother’s gardening gene surfaces and I’ll actually be able to cultivate a couple pretty house plants if not a full garden. Until then I am just happy to walk among the plants and admire them, and Swansons Nursery is just the place to do that.

Autumn decorations at Swansons Nursery Ladies Night Out

Right when we walked in we were drawn to this table that was basically covered in Autumn. Everything at Swansons Nursery is wonderfully organized and themed just like this perfectly decorated table. You’ll notice as you look through my pics that every table was just as impeccably dressed.

Halloween decorations at Swansons Nursery Ladies Night Out

You know what’s just as good as fall decorations? Halloween decorations. I’d love to get a bunch of black hurricane lanterns and fill them with white candles and surround them with some of those crows and then find somewhere to hang those awesome jack-o-lanterns. I’m already getting excited for Halloween!

Air plants at Swansons Nursery Ladies Night Out

I loved their air plant display. It felt like stepping into a totally different planet (I think air plants are so bizarre) but I loved the light green plants surrounded by all that glass. On the table to the left not pictured were their succulents and they had hanging teardrop shaped glass terrariums that were really pretty.

Gorgeous plants at Swansons Nursery Ladies Night Out

Dan said these flowers look unreal and so many of them did. Gorgeous colors everywhere but this display’s intense purple flowers with deep yellow and orange was the most striking. This arrangement looked like a painting.

Biscuit Box goodies at Swansons Nursery Ladies Night Out

Biscuit Box was at the event so we tried a few of their options. Top left is their tomato jam with goat cheese. It’s savory yet sweet and you can’t stop eating it (but ask for extra jam!). Bottom is the tarragon chicken which is what I ordered and I really enjoyed it. It has a super comforting and yummy pot pie flavor. And then top right is the foraged mushroom which I only tried a few bites of but the that mushroom gravy was really tasty.