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Beachy Waves | Beauty Basics

So what if fall is just around the corner. It’s never too late to master the beachy wave. Earlier in the year I showed how you can get the easy, messy wave look using a hot tool. But what if you’re not one to use hair tools, you don’t want to apply heat to your hair on a regular basis or you just can’t seem to master it? This week I bring to you the beachy waves using products only. With the help of Bumble and bumble Surf Spray and Surf Infusion, you can get a similar look that can be done on just about any hair type. This technique provides that sexy, just rolled out of bed look which we all want from time to time. Except my rolled out of bed look is nothing like this.

Getting started is easy. Prep your hair with a style creme, such as Oribe’s Creme for Style and blow dry straight. If you have natural body and wave to your hair, like I do, this process can be done on wet hair as well. It may seem pointless to blow out your hair if you have that natural wave, but to me it gives it a more sleek look. When I do this process on my wet hair it definitely has more body and texture but it helps to tame the waves. I prep my hair with Creme for Style or Bumble’s Styling Lotion when going the wet route. For extra texture, prep your hair with Surf Spray. Either way will work.

Beachy Waves step 1: blow out | Beauty Basics

Once your hair is dry, section off and work from the bottom to the top, leaving the front pieces that frame your face for the end. Taking 1 inch sections, spray with the Surf Spray, twist and lay to dry. Utilize the Surf Infusion for the drier sections of your hair. This tends to be the hair around my crown and the front of my face. Since it’s infused with oils, a little goes a long way, but it will help to tame the drier parts to get a smoother finish.

Beachy Waves step 2: spray and twist | Beauty Basics

The next step is all about the wait. Let your hair dry in place. Grab a coffee or glass of rosé and relax until it’s time to fluff. If I’m starting with wet hair I will let my hair sit in twists until I get to work. The 20 minute commute is the perfect amount of time for my hair to dry. If I’m starting with my dry, blow-out styled hair, I give it about 10 minutes to fully dry and set in place.

Have a little fun and mess up your hair! Run your hands through, breaking up the twists and adding some volume into the waves. Finish with a light spray of Bumble’s Spray de Mode and you’re done! Simple, right? If you have some stubborn sections of hair (which I always do) spray with your Surf Spray again, twist, and scrunch to give it some body and wave. That’s the best part of this technique…it will look undone and imperfect and that’s exactly what you want.

Beachy Waves finished result | Beauty Basics



– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!