Allergic to Mornings

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Luciana Allergic to Mornings graphic hoodie outfit

Moorea Seal Mackenzie Sunglasses // Moorea Seal Palm Studs (c/o) // Moorea Seal Haro Crossbody (c/o) // Luciana Allergic to Mornings Hoodie // Lorna Jane Amy F/L Tight

I’m not a morning person. If you try to talk to me before 11am it’s likely I won’t grasp a single thing you say and respond only in spaced out grunts and groans. It’s not you, it’s the morning. We don’t get along. Now 1am? 2am? Even 3? You’ll have my full attention. I’m a night owl, so no matter how beautiful the morning dew or sunrise, I struggle with that whole morning thing.

Which is why I knew this Allergic to Mornings hoodie by Luciana was for me. Today’s outfit post embodies my morning self: a real snot, from the smudgy makeup to the crank face and casual garb. When you’re barely awake and jonzing for caffeine, flip flops and yoga pants are about all you can bear. But even though mornings might be the devil, you can still have a sense of humor about it with a cheeky hoodie.

Not a morning person | Allergic to Mornings graphic hoodie outfit

Luciana Allergic to Mornings graphic hoodie and Moorea Seal Mackenzie sunglasses

This was the other purchase I made from Luciana a few months back. I’ve really been indulging in my love for graphic tees (and now hoodies) and just like their Killin It tee, this hoodie turned out to be super comfortable. But to be honest it’s not so much a sweatshirt as a long sleeve tee with a hood, which is perfectly fine for early morning excursions to the grocery store or hanging around the house.

Moorea Seal Mackenzie sunglasses and Palm studs | Allergic to Mornings Graphic Hoodie outfit

I’d been eyeing these sunglasses from Moorea Seal for months. With the exposed screws and wire bridge, they’re not your regular cat eye sunglasses. I love them and I’ve added to my ever increasing collection of sunglasses (you can never have too many). Aside from Moorea Seal’s sunglasses, their jewelry is my favorite part of their shop because they always have unique pieces. Aren’t those palm studs so cute? I adore them. High-five!

Moorea Seal Haro crossbody bag Allergic to Mornings graphic hoodie outfit

Unlike sunglasses, I don’t own many bags. In fact, it’s kinda become a problem. I have work appropriate/hella sexy bags but even to the grocery store I’m always lugging around a more formal bag. Which is where the Haro crossbody comes in. I must admit that I was wary of this bag. I thought it was just an open bucket design in rough suede but as it turns it’s a very nice quality bag with two inner compartments and a zip pocket for small things like gum, ID, bobby pins. Now I have a casual and comfortable bag to use for everyday adventures. And for you bolder types, it also comes in cobalt blue.

Moorea Seal Mackenzie sunglasses and haro crossbody Allergic to Mornings graphic hoodie

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