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Someone tell me where summer went. Did I wish it away with my talk and love of fall fashion? The end of September is today! Rounding up another month of must haves and beauty reads for The Edit this month brings some fall inspiration. Honest Beauty launched their new skincare and makeup line, and the end of summer is the perfect time to try something new with your skin. Maybe you’re in a hair rut and need a new look? There is a great read on Fall Inspired Trends and there is a look for everyone. Chances are you’ll find a new look, regimen, or product from this list.

The Edit | Beauty Basics - September Beauty Edit

  • Honest Beauty is an exciting new launch. We are an Honest brand family and have used the diapers and skincare line on Ava since day one. I had heard horror stories of mothers dealing with diaper rash and sore bums. We didn’t want to go the cloth diaper route and were happy to find and use Honest Diapers. Their products are effective yet safe, and is diverse for ALL skin types and complexions. They have a fully variety and the extra fun part…when you select the color you get to see it on different skin tones! No more second guessing which color is best for you.
  • I didn’t follow along with Spring/Summer 2016 NYC Fashion Week as much as I normally do. But one look and show that I always make time to check out is DVF. And this year…wow girl! Studio 54 meets the chic quality of DVF styles. Bouncy waves, wrap dresses, and bold patterns stole the show. It’s easy to recreate the look at home believe it or not. You’ll need the super affordable TRESemme Perfectly (un)done collection, the TRESemme Make Waves styling products, hair dryerbrush and hair pins. A little pinning, dry time, and brushing and you’ll have 70’s sexy waves like the models from the DVF show.
  • It’s no secret that I suffer from dandruff. Gross, I know. NOTHING works and I’m constantly changing up my shampoo to find the next big win. I’ve tried just about every anti-dandruff shampoo on the market and most are drying, strip the color from my hair, or leave it lifeless. I stumbled upon Clear Scalp & Hair from my daily blog reads. A few of my favorite bloggers were posting about it and while they were getting paid to do the ad, I thought that there may be something legit about it. Adam was hesitant about me trying $4.99 shampoo and I can understand why. So far, so good! Not only does it smell amazing but it helps with the dandruff build up, leaves my hair soft and manageable and so far hasn’t stripped the color. They even make a formula geared towards the men in your life too.
  • You may not realize it but your makeup has a shelf life. Everything is bound to expire and you may be shocked to know that some of the products you use on a daily basis are already expired! That handy little container symbol with a number that is likely on EVERY beauty product you own? That’s called the Period After Opening date. The number indicates how many months it’s good for once opened. has a handy reference guide for how long to keep before you pitch it. Oh and when you test and open products at the store…you’re already starting the PAO date.
  • My love for Korean beauty products may have gone a little too far with this one. A lip tint pack that turns into a lip stain. You apply an enormous amount of the gloss onto your lips, wait for it to dry, and peel off the layer to reveal a bright lip color below. The concept is weird enough for me to like it and the reviews are mixed. One word of caution if you try….apply more even when you think you’ve applied enough. Those that dislike the product say when peeled it peeled portions of their lip with it and were left with cracked lips. But for a product that says it will last 12 hours…I’m in!
  • Fashion week seems like the most intense, action packed week you would ever endure. Running from show to show, changing your look every couple of hours and still looking fresh? Fugetaboutit. But what if you could create an essentials kit that would keep you ready at any moment? Loredana Grama, National Beauty Director for Nordstrom rounds up her five essentials to surviving the week. Her kit includes Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner,  Guerlain Healthy Glow Fluid FoundationShiseido Eye MasksSara Happ Lip Scrub, and Charlote Tilbury Soft Focus Beauty Flash.
  • Even though I’m slightly sad summer is over, I’m ready to plunge head first into all things fall. I need a new makeup or hair look to get ready for the change in seasons and weather. Some of my favorites from the Byrdie Fall Round up include low ponies, edgy metallics for your eyes and nails, and dark, moody lips. Not that all of them should be combined at once but I will definitely be trying out these looks in the coming weeks.


– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!

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