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Oh fall, what a torrid love affair we have. I hate you for taking away the sun, the warmth, the fresh fruit and vegetables, the long days and carefree attitude. And yet I love you for your golden foggy mornings, crunchy leaves, comfort food, cozy sweaters and boots, and of course the spooky feeling you put into the air. You’re too beautiful not to love. Which is why today is just pure fall inspiration, a couple fall style posts and a few festive fall shots. All I want to do is dress up and have a wonderful fall fête. Yep, I did just say fête.

Tailored for Fall | Gal Meets Glam | Fall Inspiration

Tailored for Fall | Gal Meets Glam – I’m obsessed with this outfit. From the blazer, to the skinny scarf on the black and white top, and perfect a-line mini skirt. I thought camel and black were the It fall colors but I’m thinking rust and black should take its place because this look is divine.

Hunter Boots | Pink Peonies | Fall Inspiration

Hunter Boots | Pink Peonies – It’s Hunter time again! Bring out your rain boots folks because it’s time to go clomping around puddles and leaf piles. Plus, they’re so freaking cute.

40 Reasons to Love Fall | Damsel in Dior | Fall Inspiration

40 Reasons to Love Fall | Damsel in Dior – Ah for the love of layering. I love when it’s not quite cold enough to wear a coat but a blazer and scarf will do the trick. It’s such a chic look and she does a great job of layering without looking puffy or overstuffed.

Michigan Fall Favorites Wedding Inspiration | Wedding Chicks | Fall Inspiration

Michigan Fall Favorites Wedding Inspiration | Wedding Chicks – I’m going to pretend that those are apple cider donuts to pair with your warm apple cider. Mmmm. This is a gorgeous setup and I couldn’t resist the donut and cider combination for fall.

Autumn Tablescape Inspiration | Fall Inspiration

Autumn Tablescape Inspiration – I’ve seen so many beautiful autumn styled outdoor tablescapes… ugh I just want to invite everyone over, bundle up, and head outside with a bottle of wine and some warm, comforting dishes.

Picnic in the Woods | Daniel Faro | Fall Inspiration

Picnic in the Woods | Daniel Faro – Who said you can’t have a picnic in fall? I love this idea of having a cozy picnic as long as you’re warm enough. Take warm drinks! Hot cocoa, hot cider, mulled wine…



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