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Must Have Lips for Fall | Beauty Basics

When I mentioned a Fall Lip post to Julia, I never anticipated how much I would enjoy putting it together. The research, tons of trial and error, and the best part of it all…finding new lip colors that I would enjoy wearing. I don’t wear lip color as it is. My natural lip is pigmented enough that with a bit of chapstick or lip balm, I’m good to go. Sure for a date night I bust out some color, maybe even a red lip. I needed a bit more and was determined to make this season the one where I regularly wear lipstick.

Lipstick used to be too adult, too made up, and too much of a commitment. I didn’t want to be an adult let alone one that wore lipstick. But now in the stage of life I’m currently in…who has time to reapply lipstick when you’re running around with a diaper on your head entertaining your kids? Lipstick stains on your glasses and coffee mugs are the worst and I didn’t want to leave a trail of lipstick behind me.

I could never find colors that complimented my skin tone, kept my teeth from looking yellow, and I never fell in love with a lipstick. I envied those that had a purse full of options that could be pulled out at any moment and brighten up their complexion. Maybe if I found a color I loved I would be willing to reapply all day…and deal with the lipstick marks on all my coffee mugs!

Since I’ve had a rocky relationship with lipstick I truly wanted to come up with 4 colors/products that anyone would enjoy. A good variety of color fit for fall but nothing too bold that would scare away those new to the lipstick world. As much as I love the deep cranberry and black lipsticks, it’s one trend that I can’t muster up the courage to love. I’ve pulled together my top 4 favorites. From brand names to drugstore versions, each of these colors are the perfect fit for fall. I’ve found the perfect red, berry/plum, coral dusty rose, and mauve.

Must Have Lips for Fall - MAC Rebel | Beauty Basics

MAC Rebel
This color is known to be the “best” lip color for all skin tones. The color starts off bold but definitely wears and fades over time to this perfect light purple/pink hue. It has a tendency to stain the lip, which I personally love, for a longer lasting finish. It’s the perfect bold lip color for fall without overdoing it. You can’t go wrong with a MAC lipstick. The consistency is perfect, the application is great, and the colors are perfectly crafted. The color isn’t as bold as it appears from the tube. If you want that deeper look, layer it with the MAC Lip Pencil in Rebellious and/or apply a second layer.

Must Have Lips for Fall - Bare Escentuals Get Ready | Beauty Basics

Bare Escentuals Get Ready
I purchased this color because it was described as a “warm rosy pink”. This color definitely puts warmth on my lips and looks almost like a rose coral color. I honestly preferred the latter and loved this to compliment the bronze eye colors I have been wearing lately. It has a lovely scent and is SUPER hydrating. The satin finish gives it this great, shiny texture that looks as if you’ve applied gloss without the sticky aftermath. This is from their Moxie line so it’s supposed to help plump your lips or at least give the appearance of fuller, softer lips. I suffer from a small baby upper lip so let me at the lip plumping products.

Must Have Lips for Fall - NYX Tea Rose | Beauty Basics

NYX Tea Rose
In my search for a nude color I stumbled upon Tea Rose. If there is one thing I have learned from Lisa Eldridge videos it’s that “nude” is not one color. Nude for me is almost a mauve since my lips are so naturally pigmented. This has been by far my favorite go-to color. I’ve worn this most mornings to work because it’s just the perfect throw on color that accentuates my natural lip color and doesn’t wash my skin out, like a traditional nude color would. This is also a matte lipstick, which I didn’t think I would like but surprisingly I do! It doesn’t make my lips look dry like most other matte products.

Must Have Lips for Fall - Rimmel 107 | Beauty Basics

Rimmel 107
Have you heard of the YouTuber named Zoella? I’m kind of obsessed with her beauty looks and her adorable English accent. Someone get me and Ava to an English countryside, stat! Zoella is always sporting a bold red lip and in most of her videos she calls out the Rimmel 107 red lipstick. I’ve hunted for the perfect red lip color and it’s such a process! Some are too orange. Some are too blue. The Rimmel 107 is described as a berry red and it has this ever so slight brown undertone to it. It’s true red enough with an earthy tone that, for me, makes for THE BEST red lipstick. It has a great scent and the creamy texture makes for a perfect application.

And as if these 4 weren’t enough, Shop The Post below for my honorable mentions and cult classics


– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!