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We’ve all been there, you start the night with the best of intentions, you go out for drinks or to a party, but then something happens. You don’t drink enough water, or don’t eat enough food, or you just have one drink too many and the result is a head pounding, vomit inducing, wish you could turn off all your senses hangover. With the holidays coming, now is the right time for a post on hangover cures. I had a particularly rough hangover a few weeks ago and thought nothing would save me. After choking down a piece of toast and refusing some very bland vegetable soup, I was craving ramen. After that delicious bowl, a couple advil, and some Sprite, I felt almost human. Warm broth, noodles, and salt really do it for me but they’re not the only way you can beat a hangover.

I’ve shared a variety of hangover remedies below, including what I consider the all-time best recovery smoothie. And if you’re feeling really lazy and all food sounds terrible, stick to the classics; Sprite or ginger ale and saltines. But really though, we should all be smarter and plan ahead, by downing a stomach filling meal before we partay. I suggest this pasta recipe with tomato sauce with pancetta and shallot. It’s all about that strong carb base to absorb as much alcohol as possible, but at least if you eat the right things before you drink (instead of just after) you can try to save yourself from all that misery the next day. Alas, many of us are going to need a few of these hangover cures either way.

The Vampire Slayer Ramen-Express | Lady and Pups | Hangover Cures

The Vampire Slayer Ramen-Express | Lady and Pups – Ramen has been my #1 go-to hangover food of late. The mixture of warm noodles and salty pork broth really brings me back to life and if anything is going to keep you from joining the ranks of the undead/hungover it’s this recipe which calls for 44 cloves of garlic.

Beef Pho | Salted and Styled | Hangover Cures

Beef Pho | Salted and Styled – Before ramen, pho was my favorite hangover cure, but then I became addicted and was eating pho like three times a week and got sick of it. I still think pho is the best for hangovers and colds with its warm salty broth, protein rich meat and broth, and sweat-out-the-toxins inducing spices. Pho is basically magical.

Huevos Rancheros | Bev Cooks | Hangover Cures

Huevos Rancheros | Bev Cooks – Breakfast food is a popular hangover cure, but if I’m going for breakfast I’m doing it Mexican style with some huevos rancheros. A little spicy, a little fresh, and little salty, and oh so comforting. It’s that mix of egg and bean and salsa that just hits the spot and gets you ready to nap that hangover away.

Wasabi Bloody Mary | A Beautiful Mess | Hangover Cures

Wasabi Bloody Mary | A Beautiful Mess – A little hair of the dog for ya? Personally, the thought of drinking alcohol after a rough night is so far from my mind but a Bloody Mary as a hangover cure is classic and this wasabi version is right up my alley. The alcohol will relieve your headache, and the salty goodness just makes you feel better, though I suggest eating real food along with this salty, spicy drink.

The Holiday Detox Retox Plan | Into the Gloss | Hangover Cures

The Holiday Detox Retox Plan | Into the Gloss – I’ve been healed numerous times (and not always from hangovers) by this incredibly simple smoothie recipe from Into the Gloss. It consists of milk (or almond milk), honey, banana, and ice. You got your Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, potassium, and magnesium. Rev up your metabolism and refuel your electrolytes, this smoothie is a life saver.

My Favorite Acai Bowl + Tips & Tricks for a Stellar Smoothie Bowl | Keepin it Kind | Hangover Cures

My Favorite Açai Bowl + Tips & Tricks for a Stellar Smoothie Bowl | Keepin it Kind – Brain food! It may not sound the best when you’re hungover (gimme meat!) but it’s the best for you. Antioxidants, omega fatty acids, fiber, protein, potassium from the banana…do you want me to continue? There are so many açai bowl recipes out there but I love the tips in this post from Keepin it Kind, from which smoothie packs to buy, to how to maximize your bowl’s energy punch.