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As a rule home decor should be fun. Furniture should focus first on function, then on beauty, but home accessories are where you can really show your personality. Despite running a blog called “Style and Cheek”, my home is lacking in cheeky accessories. Well, you gotta start somewhere! And I’ll start with that, “I Love Bad Bitches” needlepoint pillow please and thank you. When I saw that pillow on Furbish Studio’s Instagram I was like, “yep, what a perfect little dash of ‘tude for my dwelling”.

Since I’ve put together posts on attitudey jewelry and graphic tees in the past, it made sense to share cheeky home accessories of the same vein. I’ve written about Anna + Nina’s “Bitch” mug before, still available by the way, but I secretly want their “Slut” mug too, which both barely got left off this post. A cupboard full of inappropriate mugs and a house full of things to hide when the nieces and nephews come to visit is the ideal kind of house for me! What about you? Any bad bitches out there loving these cheeky pieces?

Furbish Studio Bad Bitches Needlepoint Pillow | Cheeky Home Accessories

Furbish Studio Bad Bitches Needlepoint Pillow – I want this pillow so bad. SO bad. This whole trend of needlepoint with attitude is great. It makes me imagine a cute little grandma needling swear words on things for their favorite grandchild. That might be my grandma goal. This pillow though.

Sophie Lips Watercolor Print from Waiting on Martha | Cheeky Home Accessories

Sophie Lips Watercolor Print from Waiting on Martha – Love a good lip print, whether it’s on a napkin or a watercolor on paper. Sexy, seductive, cheeky, a little rock-n-roll. It checks all the boxes for fun home decor. Gimme that mouth. Petits Secrets Porcelain Catchall Tray | Cheeky Home Accessories Petits Secrets Porcelain Catchall Tray – I’m a sucker for cute little trays. I want to buy all of them even if they don’t match. What petits secrets would you put in this tray? My gum addiction would be all up in this beauty.

Jonathan Adler Uppers Canister | Cheeky Home Accessories

Jonathan Adler Uppers Canister – These aren’t new but it’s the first time I’ve featured one of Jonathan Adler’s cookie jar canisters on the blog before. He has an entire collection of “Vice” canisters and I really loved the ‘Glitter’ and ‘White Lies’ versions but come on, Uppers? It’s too good not to post.

'Buzzed' Cocktail Napkins | Cheeky Home Accessories

‘Buzzed’ Cocktail Napkins – Muahaha. Clever little things! They have a bunch of other funny animal related napkins but “Buzzed” won my heart. Plus, these are real napkins, like fabric and shit, so you can have sassy cocktail hour again and again. And a great hostess gift. Hint. Hint.

"Three Sheets" Flask from Waiting on Martha | Cheeky Home Accessories

“Three Sheets” Flask from Waiting on Martha – Another great gift idea right here, maybe for groomsmen or bridesmaids. It’s so on the nose and yet humorous. Why don’t more women carry flasks? If I ever meet a woman with a flask I’ll think, “yes, let’s be friends.”

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