Beauty Basics – Holiday Nail Art

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Holiday Nail Art | Beauty Basics

Nails are not my strong suit. But for this series I gave it a serious try in order to create something different and unique. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and my nails always take a backseat to my holiday hair, makeup, and outfits. Your nails should have a time to shine and showcase your festive spirit. While I normally lean towards the navy, blacks, and oxblood colors, I dug deep in my polish collection for some holiday cheer.

To create this simple nail look you’ll need 5 things:

Before getting started with any nail colors, a base coat is a must. It will help the color to last longer and also helps to fill in the grooves and splits you may have in your nails. Think of it as the primer that you would use on your walls prior to painting. You want it to look great, right? Make sure the base coat is completely dry before proceeding to the red polish.

Holiday Nail Art: Step 1 | Beauty Basics

Depending on the red you use, one coat may be all that you need. the NYC Red is a great true red and is quick drying as well. It takes one good coat with no need to reapply. Make sure to push the color into the cuticle and spread evenly up towards the tip of the nail. Again, make sure this coat is dried completely before proceeding or else you’ll be left with streaks and color running into your silver.

Holiday Nail Art: Step 2 | Beauty Basics

I opted for painters tape because 1.) I had plenty laying around and 2.) it works on walls so why not nails! You just need small pieces utilizing the straight end so you get a precise line. I applied my pieces at an angle to give a half/half look with the colors. Change it up with each nail, do a horizontal or vertical line on each nail, or even create a french manicure with a twist using these colors. No matter what style you’re going for make sure the tape is applied and on the nail securely enough so that the polish will not bleed through.

Holiday Nail Art: Step 3 | Beauty Basics

Next up is the silver polish. Avoid applying a heavy coat because the polish could have a tendency to bleed through the painters tape onto your crisp red polish. Before removing the tape, make sure the silver is dry or no longer tacky so as to avoid a crooked line.

Holiday Nail Art: Step 4 | Beauty Basics

Lastly, one or two good coats of top coat will seal in the color and design and leave you with a shiny finish.

-Jamie of Hello There, Lady!