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I’ve been fighting a nasty cold for the last week, so you may have noticed that there wasn’t a Pinterest Picks post on Monday. But in somewhat of a fever dream I decided that I needed to post a Pinterest Picks featuring Christmas cookies. I had planned on starting my baking earlier in the week but with the cold I’ve had to put it off.

However, I know I’m not the only one planning to bake a last minute. Name yourselves, procrastinators! Help me feel a little less guilty about not being in front of this holiday thing. Ok, ok maybe some of you have a tradition of making Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve. That’s valid and cute and sounds fun, but I’m one of those people who wants to be blasting carols, decorating a tree, and baking as soon as the sun sets on Thanksgiving. So we’re a little behind this year, though it’s finally starting to feel like Christmas.

Dan got home from visiting his family on Tuesday and was sweet enough to get us a tree, so we’re finally ready to kick off our yuletide season. I’ve been waiting for a tree for what feels like forever and it sounds like he has been waiting patiently for cookies. When he got home from his trip he gave me his list of cookie requests, and I’ve rounded up a couple of our favorite recipes and a few other cute Christmas cookies. I hope this post will inspire you to put on your Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph apron (I wish I had one) and bake your little heart out.

Gilded Reindeer and Santa Cookies | Sweetapolita | Christmas Cookies

Gilded Reindeer and Santa Cookies | Sweetapolita – When I first saw these cookies I didn’t make the connection that they are gingerbread cookies, I was too in love with the Reindeer frosting design to notice. While any good ‘ol gingerbread man will do, I’d rather go with something adorable like these Reindeer. Look at those lashes!

Peppermint Kiss Cookies | Lulu the Baker | Christmas Cookies

Peppermint Kiss Cookies | Lulu the Baker – Chocolate crinkle cookies are yummy and even though I only eat them around the holidays, adding the peppermint flavoring and red and white peppermint kisses really make these cookies festive. And pretty, of course.

Italian Thumbprint Cookies | Cooking Classy | Christmas Cookies

Italian Thumbprint Cookies | Cooking Classy – Dan loves thumbprint cookies. It’s by far the most requested cookie from him because it’s what he ate growing up. We’ll probably make less intensive versions with raspberry jam but I love the look of these with the crushed pistachios and white chocolate frosting.

Rum Balls | Alexandra's Kitchen | Christmas Cookies

Rum Balls | Alexandra’s Kitchen – Every Christmas I’d go to my friend Kjersti’s house and steal the rum balls her Grandma had sent her. Just as the recipe describes them, they’re “little bites of boozy goodness” in other words, they are delicious and make your insides feel all warm and cozy…thank you, rum.

Recipe: Candy Cane Cookies | The Kitchn | Christmas Cookies

Recipe: Candy Cane Cookies | The Kitchn – Ah, besides Spritz cookies, these were the cookies my Mom hated making for us because they’re a lot of work. I still dream about these twisted flavorful goodies and even Dan asked if we could make them this year. Am I up for it? I dunno. But they are so tasty that I might have to give it a go.

Anginetti, Italian Lemon Knot Cookies | Proud Italian Cook | Christmas Cookies

Anginetti, Italian Lemon Knot Cookies | Proud Italian Cook – These are Dan’s favorite Christmas cookies aside from Thumbprints. I’d never had them before I met Dan and I too love these little lemon balls of heaven. They’re also surprisingly easy to make and provide a much needed blast of citrus to the holiday menu.

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