Happy Belated 4th Birthday Style and Cheek

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Happy Belated 4th Birthday Birthday Style and Cheek | Party Theme: A Sprinkles Party | Style Me Pretty Living

I LOVE this cake! image via: Party Theme: A Sprinkles Party | Style Me Pretty Living

Style and Cheek turned four years old last week! Yep, we’re about to graduate! I feel like a proud mama, and I gotta admit that four years of undergrad education was an eternity compared to this. But onwards and upwards, it’s been an amazing journey and there is no end in sight. 2015 was my first year blogging full time and I’m so incredibly grateful that I get to pursue what I love. It hasn’t always been easy but dammit it’s been worth it. Style and Cheek still feels like a baby but 2016, I’m coming for ya with all I can muster, and I hope that you beautiful readers will follow as this site grows. Because what’s this site for if not for sharing things with you?

What were the big things that happened in 2015? Well, we started doing recipe posts which has been the most challenging thing we’ve done here. Food photography is something else entirely but Dan and I are sticking to it because we love food and it feels right sharing our food experience and ideas. Another thing I started doing which I thought would be a lot scarier, is outfit posts. I’d like to do more of them because people seem to really respond to personal style but we’ll see how that goes.

I’ve been lucky enough to partner with Moorea Seal this year and that has really pushed me to get out of my comfort zone with my style (in a good way!) What else? I’ve had the awesome opportunity to go to events, meet and work with other local bloggers, and have started to feel like I’m part of the Seattle blogging community. And aside from working with Moorea Seal, I’ve been able to partner with awesome brands this year, to name a few: Swink Style Bar, Masha MoonWhole Foods, Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, Stella & Dot. To me that’s just crazy and a total dream. And I hope these opportunities keep flowin’ because they’ve been a blast and have stretched my creative muscles!

Here’s what’s loosely planned for 2016:

1. There might be some site changes. I’ve been working on some ideas for the site to make it more in line with my personality, with male and female readers, and overall just feel more like the Style and Cheek I see in my head as opposed to what it’s expected to be. The content has kind of changed in a way that requires a few blog structure changes. It’ll be good, I promise.

2. I’ve been working on something that I’m superstitious about talking about but I think it would be a fun addition to the blog. I just hope I don’t chicken out and decide not to do it. Vague, I know, I’m sorry.

3. More of what worked in 2015! That means more outfit posts, more food posts, more collaborations! These are the posts that I really love working on, so look out for more of these posts in 2016.

Cheers! Thank you for reading. :) OH AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE!!

Happy Belated 4th Birthday Birthday Style and Cheek - Beyonce 7/11