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It feels like once fall hits and things start getting busier, I tend to forget about Lunch Hour Links. Like most people my brain was all holiday all the time. But hey it’s a new year and everyone is buzzing with the new things they’re doing (and not doing), making resolutions and goals, and moving on from everything that had our minds occupied for the past couple months – that means it’s time for another link roundup! I like these roundups because they capture what I’m really interested in right now. I’ve talked about a few of these on Twitter and Instagram but it doesn’t feel like enough, so I’ve put them here.

I swear I try to find things other than food to talk about but let’s be honest, food makes the world go round. I can’t not talk about it. Plus, with the death of Grantland (R.I.P. sadface and the bird for those who killed it) I feel like there’s a hole in my every day media consumption. No more Food News or recaps of GoT. I’m imagining all the fun/interesting/clever articles that COULD HAVE been written about Star Wars, which I’m surprisingly not talking about today.

There is one movie I wish I were seeing before I write this week’s roundup and that’s The Revenant. Dan has a major boner for Leo so we’re seeing it this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to watching it after stuffing my face with a burger and some fried cheese curds. Those are our big weekend plans. Leo, burgers, and finally taking down our tree. Who else still has their tree up? Anyone? Or are we total bums for having ours still up?

  1. Pantone decided to choose two colors for the color of the year for the first time ever, Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz. While I’m not the biggest lover of pastels, I do love the looks interior decor sites are putting together, especially MyDomaine’s “The 21 Most Beautiful Rooms in Pantone’s Colors of the Year” I can definitely get behind a light pink wall, couch, or blue chairs. via MyDomaine
  2. We watched Sleeping With Other People recently and I was so happy that it turned out to be really good. It’s probably the best “romantic comedy” I’ve seen in a really long time. Like really long time. Like one I’d watch more than once. It’s cute and funny and indecent in all the right ways and really relatable and it had good, although at times super indie, music. Definitely recommend it. Not sure when it will be available on Netflix but keep an eye out for it or if you’re like me and you’re super impatient about waiting for good new romantic comedies you can do what I did and pay (evil) Comcast to watch it. via IMDb
  3. If you follow me on Instagram you likely saw my recent post praising Joy the Baker’s side Instagram @drakeoncake. I love Joy the Baker and the fact that she has this side project where she puts Drake lyrics on pretty cakes is hilarious. via @drakeoncake
  4. Dan found this recipe for chicken curry on tumblr and pretty much demanded that we make it ASAP. I’ve never seen him so pumped to try a new recipe and it was so good and had such easy instructions that we’re definitely going to make it again. Although, we may make a few adjustments like more ginger, more garam masala, cut the sugar. Flavor bombness. via Simply Delicious
  5. Who isn’t watching Making a Murderer? We finally started this the other night and I’m already hooked. The resurgence of true crime series over the last year has been great for my tv watching, though bad for my dreams, have you seen the mini series about Robert Durst: The Jinx? Yeah. AGH! via Netflix
  6. Ever since I partnered with Molly Moon’s last month, I’ve been craving ice cream, like hardcore want every flavor in my freezer so I have a nice little selection to satisfy my sweet tooth and my need for variety. Dan and I went back to Molly Moon’s this week and while we were there we taste-tested their Mulled Wine Sorbet…and hot damn I have not stopped thinking about it. Why did we come home with Chocolate Peppermint Swirl instead of Mulled Wine Sorbet? Both are delicious but that orange, cinnamon, clove, fruity sweetness has my mind totally absorbed! It’s just so refreshing. And while many of you probably don’t live in Seattle, I had to share my love for them here and tell you that if you do live or visit Seattle, get yourself some ice cream. Stat. via Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream
  • Amelia Vesper
    January 8, 2016

    Ha, I love this post for so many reasons! 1) I still have my tree up (no shame), 2) I’m also seeing the Revenant this weekend, but it would definitely be better with some fried cheese curds, and 3) I can’t wait to dive into Making a Murderer! But I need to finish binge-rewatching the X-Files first. #priorities
    Have a great weekend!
    xo Mil

    • Julia Amodt
      January 8, 2016

      Oh thank god we’re not the only ones with our tree still up! And we’re also watching the X-Files! We just finished House and replaced it with X-Files as our older tv show to binge watch. We’re only about 6 episodes in so we have a long way to go.
      I definitely recommend Making a Murderer. It has a nice creepy wtf vibe so far. I heard the first three episodes are a little slow and then it gets really creepy and good.
      Have a great weekend as well. Enjoy watching Leo on his revenge mission! :)

      • Amelia Vesper
        January 8, 2016

        Thanks! And ooh yes, that sounds excellent…I love creepy tv (if you couldn’t tell)! ;)

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