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Your lips may take a backseat to the rest of your body. You’re baring your legs to show off your new midi dress or over the knee boots. Your cheeks and forehead are a crusty desert that needs constant supervision. And your scalp…ugh let’s not get started with that. But your lips get little to no love and may see some sort of hydration when applying your moisturizer at night or when you’re applying that bold red lip.

Once the temperatures drop and we crank up the heat in the house, my lips are instantly chapped. Try as I might, I can’t ever remember to reapply chapstick as often as needed. I have strong goals to exfoliate and take care of my lips but my face and other body parts take precedence over everything else. It’s time we make the effort to keep our lips sexy and kissable. Who wants to kiss some chapped, dry lips? I would be running the other way! Let’s bring out the sexy in winter and get our lips ready for Valentine’s Day. Your lover will want to be kissing you all night long.

Sexy Winter Lips | Beauty Basics

from left to right e.l.f. cosmetics Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover // fresh Sugar Lip Polish // Vaseline // Clinique’s Super Balm Lip Treatment // C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve // philosophy kiss me tonight

If you think of the process when it comes to maintaining your legs and face it always starts with exfoliation. The same goes for your lips. Skip the facial exfoliator and opt for something more sensitive and gentle for your lips. There are two main products I recommend to get the job done. fresh Sugar Lip Polish or e.l.f. cosmetics Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover.

fresh is a well known product and is made up of brown sugar crystals and humectants (hydrators) and using your index finger, you buff it all over your lip area and rinse off. I stumbled upon the e.l.f. product as a way to remove bold lip colors, but found that it exfoliates and hydrates at the same time. I started using it even when I didn’t wear lipstick. Do this a few times a week (not every day) and you’ll start to see the skin on your lips soften and brighten.

You can’t just exfoliate and expect your lips to be great. It’s important to hydrate day and night. If you’re an avid lip color wearer, make sure to hydrate and prime your lips prior to adding color. Clinique’s Super Balm Lip Treatment or C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve Lip Balm are two great and super hydrating products. With Clinique you can’t go wrong and this lip balm is always at the top of the reviews. I’ve always been a fan of the Rose Salve and it’s a great purse product to pull out when I’m on the go. Apply lip balm as often as possible. Morning, afternoon, and night. I think it’s always a great option to reapply when you get in and out of your car because the dry heat is a killer to your skin and a quick 5 second lip touch up can do wonders.

Finally, you gotta protect your lips at night. It’s no surprise that your skin and body heal overnight. That’s why it’s best to pack on the super great and hydrating products to your skin each night before bed. Keep it on your bedside table or on your skin for after your brush your teeth. philosophy kiss me tonight or straight up Vaseline are key! I always keep Vaseline on my nightstand and apply it to my lips and dry patches before bed. My grandma has used Vaseline for years and has likely been used by yours for years as well. It’s non comedogenic (won’t clog your pores) and forms a barrier to keep moisture in. And philosophy…you can’t go wrong. When I’m really in the mood to feel luxe and pampered, I reach for the kiss me tonight.

Now that you’ve got the right regime and products…get to kissing!

– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!


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