Pinterest Picks – Rose Quartz Beauty

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When Pantone announced Rose Quartz and Serenity as the colors of 2016, I admit I was insanely underwhelmed. Pastels aren’t go-to colors for me, so the thought of wearing pastel pinks and blues didn’t get my mojo going. But then Pinterest flooded my dashboard with Pantone inspiration, mostly focusing on Rose Quartz (because no offense Serenity blue, you’re just not as fun), and because of that I came at it with a more open mind. Especially because Pinterest focused mostly on interior design inspiration with pink doors and couches, candy colored hair, and unusual and surprisingly wearable pink makeup. Things that were actually inspiring! I felt it you guys, I felt the pull of the rose quartz and embraced it.

After a winter full of black, gray, and white, it was as if spring had popped up early. Who said January had to feel drab and cold, there are warm and playful colors just waiting for you to experiment with, especially in the rose quartz beauty department.

Rose Quartz Beauty - Opal Hair | Random Acts of Pastel

Opal Hair | Random Acts of Pastel – It’s so beautiful! This kind of look makes me want to color my hair, especially when it’s varying shades of pink and purple like hers. I love how the top half is more in the rose quartz and white, ethereal stage and then it moves down to full rainbow unicorn hair. Perfect.

Rose Quartz Beauty - Jill Stuart Spring 2016 - Dreamy Beauty Looks From Fashion Week You Need to See Up Close | POPSUGAR

Jill Stuart Spring 2016 | POPSUGAR – So vibrant! So pretty! I would have never thought that pink eye shadow could look so good, as I assumed it wasn’t so wearable, but this is really pretty and simple. Just pastel pink with a lot of mascara and a clean face paired with sequins in winter, and sheer or lace for spring and summer.

Rose Quartz Beauty - Cotton Candy Hair photo via @misswatsonnails

Cotton Candy Hair photo via @misswatsonnails – Modern retro beauty right here. Like full on Hollywood glamour but for 2016 because it’s pink. And I know it’s supposed to be rose quartz but this is like rose quartz plus rose gold. Not only is the style to die for, the addition of a fuzzy sweater makes for a gorgeous look.

Rose Quartz Beauty - DIY “Wink Wink” Mani Tutorial | Studio DIY

DIY “Wink Wink” Mani Tutorial | Studio DIY – Aren’t these nails adorable?? This is the best way to combine the two Pantone colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity because it’s so playful and fun. And the blue eye looks great with these colors as well. Very retro, almost cartoonish like you’d expect the person with these nails to have a bouffant hairdo.

Rose Quartz Beauty - Glossy Lids - 3 Makeup Trends That Are About To Be HUGE | Refinery 29

Glossy Lids – 3 Makeup Trends That Are About To Be HUGE | Refinery 29 – I love this glossy eye look. I didn’t think I’d be a fan when I first saw this trend but it’s growing on me, especially with the pink. It makes pink easier to wear because it’s just a glossy wash of color instead of an in-your-face concentrated pink.

Rose Quartz Beauty - Li Wei by Simon Burstall | Elle Vietnam

Li Wei by Simon Burstall | Elle Vietnam – This is almost an ombré beauty look with intense orange red and bright pink eyeshadow, pink blush, and light pink lips. If you’re going to wear such a light pink lip color, up the fun with colorful eyeshadow. It sounds crazy, but works wonderfully here.