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At Home With Morgan Hutchinson | Glitter Guide

photo via: At Home With Morgan Hutchinson | Glitter Guide

Last year I was very into the idea of sprucing up our apartment with some art. And um, we still have none. We’re the people with nothing on our walls, though not because we wouldn’t like some. It’s more that we’re picky and unlike our thankfully similar taste in home decor, art is where our tastes differ. I want color and beauty and he wants moodiness. But to be honest Dan hasn’t cared if there is art on the walls or not. It’s probably because he’s had an old man’s bedroom from a young age. No posters, no color, so living with bare walls is the norm for him. Whereas I had purple walls and a cloud painted ceiling. He claims he’s done with that boringness, so I’m hoping we are finally ready to step into the art world and make our living space feel alive. It’s about time!

Art is a luxury and I’ve always felt that if you can’t afford to get the good stuff, don’t bother. This post is kinda my way of proving to myself and Dan that you don’t have to break the bank to have some amazing pieces around your home. I tried to stick to a max budget of $200, and some of the pieces below start as low as $20 for a 8×10″, but if you want anything substantial in size, you are gonna have to get a little spendy. I used Emily Henderson’s post, “Best Online Art Resources” as my guide, and her post made a few very good points including ‘go bigger’ and ‘buy original’.

I’d be ok splurging on one big piece of art if I absolutely loved it. But we’re not there yet, and I’m all for starting small with a few choice pieces and building our collection up. We’re only at the start of our art journey, and while the pieces below are a great start, this is a definitely a topic I’ll have to revisit in the future. Until then, here are our favorite pieces of art under 200 dollars.

Art Under 200 - Prada Marfa Dawn | Gray Malin

Prada Marfa Dawn | Gray Malin – Gray Malin is super trendy but I don’t care because I love it. I love the colors of the sky with the Prada display lights. I love how weird it is that there’s this random Prada in Marfa, Texas. I just want it! But honestly I’d love to have a blown up version of something like the Palazzo Pool piece.

Art Under 200 - Miniature - Don't Go, Julie Drake | Saatchi Art

Miniature – Don’t Go, Julie Drake | Saatchi Art – I’m not insanely into abstract art but if the colors are right then I’m all for it. And Dan and I both love this little piece. It’s actually only 4×4 so it’s tiny but I can see this going up with a few other similarly moody small pieces.

Art Under 200 - Raised by the sky 24k crt Gold leaf collage, Andrew Millar | Saatchi Art

Raised by the sky 24k crt Gold leaf collage,  Andrew Millar | Saatchi Art – This one is so interesting and dark. It also feels the most special because it’s a one of a kind Polaroid collage with individually applied gold leaf. How cool is that? It’s also tiny at 4.3×3.5, but we dig it.

Art Under 200 - Implosion, Rebeca Cygnus | Citizen Atelier

Implosion, Rebeca Cygnus | Citizen Atelier – This one is Dan’s favorite because, like I said, he loves moody art. I think it would look pretty in the bedroom as it has a really nice feeling of passion and vulnerability. Definitely check out Rebeca Cygnus’s other pieces which all have whimsical and slightly dark vibes.

Art Under 200 - Verde Print | Lulu & Georgia

Verde Print | Lulu & Georgia – I’m surprised that Dan picked so many photographs because in the past he’s been so opposed to them, but I think it was the color that got him with this one. Just a bright Cuban street scene with green all over.

Art Under 200 - So Much | ClareElsaesser

So Much | Esty – ClareElsaesser – I think we like art with obstructed faces. Is that incredibly weird? Because both of us adore this piece. The color, the feel, the kinda abstract weirdness. She has some amazing art, especially To Pieces and Married to the Sea.

Art Under 200 - New York | Max Wanger Print Shop

New York |  Max Wanger Print Shop – A piece for the living room or kitchen. Of all the rooms, I want that space to feel the most lively and colorful (within reason, people!). This photo of New York is just the right kind of colorful inspiration and energy.

Art Under 200 - Men In Red, Kate Baird | Minted

Men In Red, Kate Baird | Minted – While color is great, sometimes it’s nice to balance all the color out with a beautiful neutral art piece. This one has a pop of color – hey red jacket guy! But in the right room, this can make a big impact.

  • Sahra
    February 1, 2016

    beautiful picks! I just added a small Prada Marfa photo print to my office gallery wall! I also love your more abstract picks; I’m trying to convince my man that we need a beautiful piece on one of our blank walls but similar to you guys, we can’t seem to agree on an investment piece!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

    • Julia Amodt
      February 1, 2016

      Hey Sahra, thanks for commenting! Oh man, I love that Prada Marfa piece so much. I bet it looks awesome. And thank you! I’ve realized that he and I are either going to have to compromise where we both choose one piece we absolutely love even if the other person doesn’t like it. Or spend years searching for the perfect piece we both like. Good luck on your art hunt!

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