Taking My Collar for a Walk in the Park

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Boho Choker Outfit Karlie Sunglasses, Hidden Eclipse Earrings, Georgie Ribbon Collar from Moorea Seal, Free People Blue Bird Smocked Top

Karlie Sunglasses from Moorea Seal (c/o) // Hidden Eclipse Studs from Moorea Seal (c/o) // Georgie Ribbon Collar from Moorea Seal (c/o) // Free People Blue Bird Smocked Top // Moorea Seal Knot Band (c/o) // Moorea Seal Peak Ring (c/o) // Moorea Seal Super Moon Ring (c/o)  // 7 For All Mankind The Skinny Jeans in Rinsed Indigo // Moorea Seal Indra Flat (c/o) // butter LONDON Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturizer in Fair

Boho Choker Outfit Karlie Sunglasses, Free People Blue Bird Smocked Top, Indra Flats

I’ve been wearing this outfit non-stop for the past month. I bought the shirt awhile back and have been kind of afraid to wear it because it’s white and I usually don’t have the best luck with white clothing. But then I got this ribbon choker, which is the perfect complement, and now I’ve been finding excuses to wear the blouse. I wore it on my birthday and this past weekend out to dinner with friends just because I love the boho retro witchiness of it and that it’s really comfortable. Usually I feel unsexy or I guess hidden in blouses that have so much fabric but the choker and shades combination really brings this blouse to life. The whole ensemble makes me feel really good, and good about myself, proving that you don’t have to wear something skin-tight to feel confident. And that can feel a little bit sexy.

Boho Choker Outfit Karlie Sunglasses, Georgie Ribbon Collar from Moorea Seal, Free People Blue Bird Smocked Top

This ribbon choker is one of my favorite accessories of all time. I’ve been dying to get my hands on one like this for awhile, so I was overjoyed when it popped up in the new arrivals section of Moorea Seal. The subversive nature of pieces that adorn the neck adds just the right amount of sexiness to an outfit. An allusion to sexiness if you will by bringing your eye to the throat. Love. Love. Love. Does anyone else feel this way about chokers? Or do you think they’re cheesy? Let me know in the comments. I kinda like the cheesiness factor. It almost feels like I’m dressing up in a costume.

Boho Choker Outfit Hidden Eclipse Studs from Moorea Seal, Georgie Ribbon Collar from Moorea Seal, Free People Blue Bird Smocked Top

I didn’t notice this until I put them on but the earrings both face the same direction, so when you’re wearing them one is facing towards your face and the other faces out. You wouldn’t think this would be a big deal when you look at the earrings by themselves but it’s really noticeable when they’re on. Like a little asymmetric sneaky detail.

Boho choker outfit Moorea Seal Knot Band and Moorea Seal Peak Ring

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been digging Moorea Seal’s collection of rings and I like that I’ve been able to wear the different rings together and separate for different vibes. In this case, I dramatically layered the Celtic-minded knot band and peak ring because they were perfect for this peasant blouse. It may seem like a stretch to say that such tiny delicate rings can make an impact, but put them together and they provide the exact accent this look needed.

Boho Choker Outfit Karlie Sunglasses, Georgie Ribbon Collar from Moorea Seal, Free People Blue Bird Smocked Top, Indra Flats

I love these Karlie tortoise sunglasses, especially when paired with the blouse and choker. The mix of styles feels very 70s + 90s. Wearing them also gives me hope that the weather will get nicer. In these pics I’m lying to myself that I’m actually warm but after a few days of intense rain followed by bright sunshine there was no way I was going to head outside without a cute pair of sunglasses. I’ve been rotating between these and last month’s red pair and I’m not sure which I like more, but I really enjoy the art deco-ish detail on the sides and the gold bridge on the Karlie sunglasses.

Boho Choker Outfit Moorea Seal Indra Flat

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