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How to Wear Gucci Spring 2016 | Honestly WTF

Spring is near and I’m excited to announce that this month on HSWI I’m going to show you how to wear Gucci Spring 2016 without breaking the bank on the real deal. Daunting, yes. In fact this could be the hardest month of outfits I’ll ever put together. Gucci’s Spring collection is rare and beautiful and not the easiest line to translate to a normal wardrobe, but it is doable. In a lot of ways this collection goes against trend. Everyone else has been leaning towards more relaxed looks, short skirts, blouses with loose necklines, whereas Gucci’s spring look is tailored and structured, just with insane color combinations, patterns, and textures. It’s geek chic with a ton of flamboyance, and so it’s difficult to find exactly this combo of visual pop and classic design outside of Gucci.

But this collection is gorgeous, and worth emulating. Like last month, I would suggest you make a few trips to your local Goodwill and thrift shops to hunt for similarly odd and wonderful pieces like the ones in Gucci’s collection. And if you can’t find the goods in consignment or thrift, never fear, over the course of this month I will not only show you pieces that are available in retail stores that feel Gucci, I’ll also show you how to style them to create your own nerdy cool girl look.

How to Wear Gucci Spring 2016 | How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek

1. ASOS PREMIUM Embroidered And Print Midi Dress

2. Topshop Petite Kitten Floral Dress

3. Lien.Do Mixed Media T-Straps

4. Zara Mini City Bag

5. Free People Magic Mystery Printed Tunic

6. ASOS Wool Beret

7. Warby Parker Lionel Eyeglasses

8. Zara Penny Loafers

9. Topshop Jersey Pleated Midi Skirt

Print is the way to go with this trend. Crazy, colorful prints. And especially those with 1970’s flavor, so think geometric patterns, or florals like the printed midi dress and floral shirtdress above. Rich textures are also key to this look, like colored leather, jacquard, and sequins. The Topshop pleated midi skirt is a good example of a piece in this style that can easily translate to an every day wardrobe. It’s exciting but not too crazy to dress down.

Another way to get this look is to stock up on accessories. Structured, 1970’s style handbags, colorful t-strap pumps (in platform style if you can swing it), menswear loafers, big glasses, and berets. Yep, the beret is making a comeback so get yours while they’re hot! Don’t spend a ton on a trend that may be out the door in a few seasons, but do experiment if your heart is pulled in that direction. Personally I love the look of geek chic glasses paired with a neutral beret but then again there’s not a single thing I don’t love about Gucci’s whimsical and weird spring 2016 collection. What do you love about it?

– Julia of Style and Cheek

image inspiration via: Gucci Spring 2016 | Honestly WTF

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