Beauty Basics – Face Primers

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If you’re not using a primer, now is the time to start. It’s not just because the weather is getting warmer and it can help to reduce any slight sign of oil, but it will help your makeup to look better, last longer, and give you the airbrush finish you likely desire. As with any beauty product there are a million and one options on the market and not all live up to their claims. I’ve tried so many different products over the years and I’m here to tell you there are 6 options that I consider the best face primers. Only 6! Depending on what your makeup desire is (reduce pore size, long wear foundation, reduce dryness/oil…) I’ve got an option for you. Read on to see what primer is the best for your skin.

Face Primers - Laura Mercier Foundation Primer | Beauty Basics

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer // The primer best for beginners. This lightweight, creamy gel primer goes on after your moisturizer to help lock in the moisture and to help your foundation get that smooth, flawless finish. If you’re new to primers and not sure where to start, Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer is the way to go.

Face Primers - bareMinerals Prime Time Neutralizing Primer | Beauty Basics

bareMinerals Prime Time Neutralizing Primer // bareMinerals has a series of Prime Time foundation primers but the neutralizing is my favorite. It’s best suited for those with uneven skin texture and I pull this one out when I tend to be extra dry and flaky. It keeps my dry skin at bay. Check out their oil control, brightening, and bb cream versions as well.

Face Primers - Smashbox Photo Finish Primer | Beauty Basics

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer // The original primer in a series created by Smashbox. This line has a FIERCE following because they work wonders. The original is my personal favorite because it helps to reduce fine lines, pores and nourishes your skin with vitamins A and E as well as grapeseed extract. As for the photo finish part – it helps to diffuse the light hitting the skin to give you that airbrushed, magazine look.

Face Primers - Clinique Superprimer | Beauty Basics

Clinique Superprimer // Of the options Clinique offers in their Superprimer line, I prefer the yellow tube that helps to correct redness. Sometimes my surface redness truly bothers me, especially in the warmer months and this primer helps to color correct the surface of the skin to limit the amount of foundation and concealer needed.

Face Primers - Laura Geller Spackle Mattifying Face Primer | Beauty Basics

Laura Geller Spackle Mattifying Face Primer // When it comes to oil control, Laura Geller’s Spackle is the way to go. I tried this about a year ago for the first time from a kit I purchased at Ulta. I didn’t even buy the kit for the primer but gave it a go just to see the results. I ended up using it only on my forehead and nose (t-zone) where I am the most oily and it was wonderful. There was zero shine on my face after an a full 12 hour day.

Face Primers - Benefit POREfessional Primer | Beauty Basics

Benefit POREfessional Primer // One of Benefit’s top selling products since 2011, and mentioned on this blog many times before…the POREfessional is my #1 favorite. It’s a great multi-tasking primer and good for all uses no matter the concern. When my hormones are insane and my pores feel large, this is the primer I turn to.

– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!