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This is one post and idea that I’m sure you’ll all be screaming at me from your computer screens. Blue eye makeup! Really?! Yes, I’m serious with this one. I’m not taking us back to the 80’s of teased hair, aqua net, and blue shadow as far as the eye can see. I’m taking this spring runway trend and turning it into a wearable option for the season. I get tired of the same everyday look and enjoy adding a pop of color to my cheeks, lips, or eyes.

Most people are afraid of purple for fear that it will make you look like you were in a bar fight and scored a shiner. Green and yellow are tough because it can make you look sallow and not always the best for every skin tone. Blue is a great option for everyone, believe it or not. Blue stole the show in a lot of fashion shows and showed extremes from pastels to electric bold hues. But we are keeping it simple, remember? Incorporating some color into your routine is simple. Swap out your black liner for a dark, navy blue. For a quick wash of color, pass on the taupe and opt for a soft pale blue. I’m going to show you two ways to change up your look for spring all with adding a bit of blue.

Blue Eye Makeup - Blue Shadow | Beauty Basics

Blue Eye Makeup - Blue Shadow | Beauty Basics

(BareMinerals Liberty Eye Color)

For this first look I opted for a light wash of color. BareMinerals Liberty goes on sheer and has a slight grey undertone to keep it from being too true blue. What’s nice about this look is that when your eyes are open, you can hardly tell you have blue shadow on! And even when closed you get a slight glimpse of color without it being too overwhelming. Wearing blue shadow is easy and can be quite subtle.

Blue Eye Makeup - Blue Liner | Beauty Basics

Blue Eye Makeup - Blue Liner | Beauty Basics

(Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner in Beyond Blue)

If you are slightly edgy and want to push the borders with this blue eye makeup thing, then switch up your liner and ditch the black. A blue liner, like the Beyond Blue from Benefit, is a great alternative without overdoing it. You still get the full lash effect that liner gives but provides the pop of color we all want for spring.

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-Jamie of Hello There, Lady!