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DIY False Lashes - Before | Beauty Basics DIY False Lashes - Zoom Before | Beauty Basics

I’ve debated on making a post dedicated to false lashes for some time now. It’s the one product in the beauty realm that most women seem insecure and unsure about. You’ve likely glued your eye lashes together, left with tacky residue all over your eyelid and the end of the night brings floppy lashes that don’t want to stay on. But I think we can all agree we want longer, fuller lashes. Falsies are a pain and as much as I love them to enhance my natural lashes, I end up getting so frustrated when it doesn’t go right that I give up and say a few choice words to make myself feel better.

Plus, the downside to wearing false lashes is that you can end up losing a few lashes during the process. What if I told you that you can create the look of false lashes without the fuss and mess? What if I told you that you can create the look of fuller, longer lashes at home with a few beauty products that you likely already have? You may think it’s too good to be true but I’m serious when I say this can be done. And it’s easy!

As you can see in the before shot above, my left eye has nothing on it with the exception of liner and shadow. No mascara, no primer…nada. My right eye doesn’t look too bad but not the look I’m really trying to achieve.

Step 1: Prime your lashes. I opt for an inexpensive mascara primer since the brush will get clumpy over time and I’m not about to ruin a good wand and formula.

DIY False Lashes - Step 1 | Beauty Basics

Step 2: Take a cotton ball and pull it apart to make it nice and fluffy. Using a spooly or the mascara primer brush, lightly run the wand through the cotton. Don’t over coat the brush but you’ll want to see some of the cotton sticking to the wand itself.

DIY False Lashes - Step 2 | Beauty Basics

Step 3: Run the cotton covered wand over your lashes. Shake the brush from root to tip until the lashes are coated

DIY False Lashes - Step 3 | Beauty Basics

Step 4: Using your mascara, apply a coat or two over the cotton and primed lashes

DIY False Lashes - Step 4 | Beauty Basics

Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed until you get the desired fullness and length desired. This works best with a wet mascara and primer. I tried a few primers and found that they dried too quickly and by the time I was brushing the coat through it was too dry and not sticking. I used NYX for this tutorial.

In the after shot you can see my eyes with regular mascara used on the right (that’s 2 coats) and the DIY falsies on the left (I only repeated the process once). It’s not a huge difference but enough that my lashes actually appear fuller, longer and show up in the photos are being present. The right eye looks sparse and barely noticeable.

DIY False Lashes - After| Beauty Basics

DIY False Lashes - Zoom After| Beauty Basics

If you’re in a pinch or just want fuller lashes that you can’t normally achieve through primer and mascara alone, try this easy process.


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