Beauty Basics – Macrame Braid Tutorial

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Beauty Basics has incorporated braids in a few posts (here and here) So why braids again? Braids are an easy style to hide grown out bangs, second day hair, or just to add a little bit of style to an otherwise basic look. I’ve been trying to incorporate them into my look at least once a week. Plus they are a fun challenge to try and recreate.

We can all do a basic 3 piece braid, but what if we spice it up and make it different? What if you could do a macrame braid to turn that simple braid into something unique? This braid style was made popular by Lauren Conrad and has been seen on different runway shows. It’s not as intricate as the wall hangings made popular again from the 1970’s. Instead, this is a hack on the knotted macrame style. Easy for short and long hair alike, you’ll find this will be your go-to braid for the warmer months and perfect for festival season.

1. Style your hair as normal. I like to give my hair some texture using Thickening Spray to prep my hair before heat styling. Once my hair is curled I use Dry Spun Finish to add more texture and to help separate the curl. You can create this look on super, sleek straight hair as well.

2. Grabbing a section of hair, split into 3 pieces and braid to the end of the hair.

Macrame Braid Tutorial | Beauty Basics

3. Grabbing the middle piece at the end of the braid, hold securely, and slide up the hair towards the top. Fluff some pieces to keep it messy and undone

Macrame Braid Tutorial | Beauty Basics

4. Using a clear elastic, tie off the end of the hair to keep the braid secured in place.

5. Pin back or leave loose.

Macrame Braid Tutorial | Beauty Basics

You can incorporate a few smaller macrame braids to create one big macrame braid or gather a few braids together and pin back for a textured look. Since my hair is a bit on the thin side I created two and stacked them on top of each other. Check out the end result and a close up of the macrame style below.

Macrame Braid Tutorial | Beauty Basics

-Jamie of Hello There, Lady!