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Color Correcting Basics | Beauty Basics

By now you’re probably tired of the words Color Correcting or maybe you’re wanting to learn a bit more about what this new trendy technique is all about. I can’t say this is a new trend because I remember the days when my mom used different colored concealer sticks for her under eye area and uneven skin tone. It’s a method that’s been around for a while and is gaining popularity again because well…I think we are all tired of contouring, highlighting, strobing and all these other crazy techniques that we needed another one. I’ve held off on doing this post because I wanted to get it right. I’ve been a guinea pig for you (you’re welcome!) testing out different brands and colors to see what works and what should stay on the shelf. Let’s break down the color correcting basic and what you need to know.

In a nutshell, color correcting is a way to neutralize your skin concerns. From redness, to dark circles, uneven skin tone to dullness, there is a color out there to help correct the concern. Think of the color wheel. Opposites attract, right? If you’re concerned with dark under eye circles which tend to be more blue and purple based, aim for an orange, peach, pink shade to counteract and conceal those concerns. Is redness your enemy because it’s definitely mine, look no further than green tones to calm the red leaving you with an even complexion. Finally for those sallow, yellow toned areas, combat them with purple hued concealers.

I’ve found that tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s 5 Camouflage Cream Palette and NYX’s Color Correction Concealer Palette have worked the best. They are very blendable and buildable,  you have a variety of shades to choose from if you’re a multi skin concern gal like myself, and they are travel friendly.

My least favorites were the Stila Correct & Perfect (didn’t like the powders and the creams didn’t blend well for me), Becca Backlight Colour Corrector (seemed to accentuate my dryness) and Amazing Cosmetics Correcting Concealer (didn’t seem to do much on my fair skin).

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that this technique isn’t for everyone. I prefer it because I had a lot of concerns with my skin, especially being pregnant and it helps me to achieve the flawless complexion I want. Maybe you only have one concern so a one product wonder color corrector is all you need. Urban Decay’s individual color correcting concealers are great if you just want to spot conceal one area.

Would you jump on this trend and try color correcting?

– Jamie of Hello There, Lady!