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What comes to mind when you think of Father’s Day? Probably getting the family together to BBQ, right? As much as I love a good backyard BBQ, it’s good to mix things up every once in awhile, even if that means going out for BBQ instead of having Dad man the grill. Some of these Father’s Day ideas could work as gifts too. You don’t necessarily have to do on the day itself, it all depends on how much bonding time you want with Dad or how much you want to pamper him.

I tried to think of a variety of things, and there are a ton of options out there, but this is very PNW inspired list. Slightly inspired by my father who has varied interests and is a bit of a renaissance man (like his daughter). But there’s something for every Dad on this list, or least you take one of these ideas and cater it just for your papa. Maybe tequila tasting instead of whiskey. Or dune buggying instead of whitewater rafting. I’m curious to see what other Father’s Day activities people enjoy or if anyone has a Father’s Day tradition. Share your traditions in the comments! I’m curious. What are your plans for Father’s Day? Are you doing anything unusual?

The Boar's Nest BBQ - Father's Day Ideas

Give Dad a break from his summertime grilling duties and go out for BBQ. We may not have many BBQ spots in Seattle but there are some good ones, including The Boar’s Nest in Ballard. Their variety of sauces are a stand-out, from Kansas City to North Carolina to Kentucky. They have options for every kind of BBQ fan. Pulled pork for me, ribs for Dad, everyone’s happy.

Whitewater Rafting with Outdoor Adventures & Bucky - Father's Day Ideas

I tried to think of adventurous things you could do with Dad. Skydiving came to mind. Dan suggested paintballing. But then I remembered one time my Dad went whitewater rafting and really enjoyed it. Good for a one-on-one bonding experience with Dad (and a bunch of strangers) or bring the whole family.

Discovery Trail Willows Run - Father's Day Ideas

Mini golf. Dads like golf, right? Well, I don’t know how to golf. So how about some mini golf? Everyone wins! Maybe take Dad out for a beer or two before going mini-golfing so it’s more enjoyable, and then talk smack all day as you luck into a couple hole-in-ones.

Woodinville Whiskey co - Father's Day Ideas

Take Dad whiskey tasting. Hopping from brewery to brewery is always an option but how about mixing it up with a little whiskey? Woodinville Whiskey Co. is a popular local spot and they do tastings as well as tours so you can learn a little and get your whiskey on. Plus the tasting fee, $10, goes to any spirit purchased. Aka some whiskey for Dad to take home.

Seattle Glassblowing Studio classes - Father's Day Ideas

Dan didn’t really understand why I’d pick a glassblowing class as a Father’s Day gift idea, but he’s also not from Seattle and doesn’t understand the culture around glass blowing and how Dale Chihuly has a cult following here. My Dad loves Dale Chihuly and I think he’d think taking a glassblowing class would be interesting. Or you could go explore the Museum of Glass in Tacoma.

Yuan Spa massage

Send your Dad to the spa. I’m serious! Dads need pampering too. They’re rough on their skin and deserve a relaxing spa day. Yuan Spa is offering a complimentary beer from Flycaster Brewing Company for Dads who come in on the 17th-19th of June, so book Dad the Gentlemen’s Package (facial, massage, access to the hydrotheraphy circuit, and catered lunch) and he can enjoy a nice day at the spa. Supposedly this is where a lot of the male Microsoft employees go for their massages. Have you read my post about Yuan Spa? Just going for the hydrotherapy circuit would be worth it to me.


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