Fly with ZICO and My First Flywheel Experience

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Fly with ZICO and My First Flywheel Experience

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the #FlyWithZICO event hosted by Flywheel, Zico Coconut Water, and blogger Portia of Obsessed by Portia. (Sidenote, Portia is doing a giveaway on her blog for a Flywheel 5 Class Pass so don’t forget to go to her blog and enter.) The event was for local bloggers and influencers and it included a 45-minute class and then lunch. Plus, an awesome swag bag. Talk about going above and beyond for an event!

I’ve been trying to say yes to as many things as possible this year and it’s been extremely fun. So why not take a cycle class when you’ve never taken one? When my blogger friend Jenn of Hello Rigby invited me to the event I straight up told her, “I’ve never taken a cycle class and I might vomit.” Indoor cycling classes seemed intimating! Like only hardcore people do them. Hardcore, energetic people. In other words, not me.

Fly with ZICO and My First Flywheel Experience

Fly with ZICO and My First Flywheel Experience

Fly with ZICO and My First Flywheel Experience

Before the class I read as much as I could about what to expect from a cycle class so I wasn’t entirely out of my element. But you sign in and are given a pair of indoor cycling shoes, pick a locker for your stuff, and then walk into the class which has stadium seating, amphitheater like (tiered and curved) so everyone can see the instructor. Once you find your bike they are more than happy to help you adjust the seat. Do this. Seriously, I had no clue how to adjust my seat or lock the shoes into the bike so I was grateful for the help. When the class begins they dim the lights so you can kinda just zone out as you ride and focus on your own workout with the killer playlist pumping in the background.

As you ride there are intervals, climbs, and descents for a full body workout focusing on glutes, quads, hamstrings, and heart. Plus, there’s an upper body section of the workout using a weighted bar (while still riding!). An interesting thing to note is that throughout the class you are adjusting the speed (RPM) and resistance (Torq). Like constantly. The instructor tells you what you should shoot for and you reach down and adjust the Torq on the bike accordingly. I loved that the instructor gives you a range to aim for during your workout. And they provide you with a towel which you WILL need because you get insanely sweaty as you ride because it is hard. Though not as impossible as I had worried. And hey I didn’t puke!

Fly with ZICO and My First Flywheel Experience - Justin's peanut butter cups

Megan Pribble of Diary of This Girl and I at the Fly with Zico event - Fly with ZICO and My First Flywheel Experience

(Megan of Diary of This Girl and I after class)

I left the class first dazed and then insanely high. I got an adrenaline rush that I have never experienced before. All I wanted to do was run, skip, jump, and dance around. I’m a pretty excitable person but this was a whole ‘nother level of energy. For years Dan has talked about the elusive “workout high” to which I call elusive because I had never experienced it. I thought he was full of it. But no! It’s real and it took a Flywheel class to feel it.

FlyWithZico swag bag - Fly with ZICO and My First Flywheel Experience

Also, I won a pair of Brooks running shoes! Another crazy surprise from the event. They did a raffle and gave away free water bottles, Flywheel classes, and the main gift was a pair of Brooks running shoes. And my bike won! I was psyched. I’m still psyched because I received the shoes and they’re awesome. I went for the Launch 3. Super bouncy and comfortable.

All this adds to up one of the most positive experiences I’ve had at a blogger event. One that I’m excited to try to recreate, this time with Dan. One of the gifts in the swag bag was a voucher for another free session at Flywheel. I will definitely be taking advantage of that.

Don’t forget to enter Portia’s Flywheel giveaway! It ends soon! And if you have any questions about the class, feel free to leave a comment. :)

images via: Sukha Design & Photography and @diaryofthisgirlmegan


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