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In spring I planned on writing about overalls. That didn’t happen. Now it is the end of summer and it is kind of my last chance! Can we just pretend that summer isn’t ending and that fall isn’t on our heels? And while I missed out on some really cute overall outfits for summer, I gotta say that fall is just as good a time to wear overalls. End of summer, early fall, get on it. The overall trend is sticking around, at least for the next season and there a ton of adorable, sexy, and functional options out there.

If you remember, I featured a really cute outfit with overalls in my Pinterest Picks – Pre-Fall style post last year. I still love it. Although this year I’d change it up and add a fitted turtleneck instead. Streamlined, sexy. I’m into it. I haven’t talked much about overalls on the blog, but I’m glad they’re back in style with fitted options. I loved me some overalls growing up, I was the kid with the one strap unhooked, feeling so fly in my overalls. But now there are overalls that look good and aren’t so farm girl. With everything from skinny to flared to cropped, overalls are actually chic.

Free People Kiley Slim Overall - The Overall Trend

Free People Kiley Slim Overall – Hot! Hot! Hot! I love the fit of these overalls. They’re so cool girl sexy. With side zips and zip pockets for less bulk. And they also come in black, which is always fun.

Cheap Monday Dungaree Ink Blue - The Overall Trend

Cheap Monday Dungaree Ink Blue – These stretchy, skinny overalls look really comfortable. They are skinny and fitted but there’s a relaxed quality about them that is really fun. They’d be easy to dress up or down.

Urban Renewal Recycled 90's Shortall Overall - The Overall Trend

Urban Renewal Recycled 90’s Shortall Overall – The classic jean short overalls. Plus, they’re recycled! How cool is that? You get that good, relaxed, super cute 90’s feel.

Madewell Cali Demi-Boot Overalls in Black Frost - The Overall Trend

Madewell Cali Demi-Boot Overalls in Black Frost – Madewell overalls are amazing. Because all of their denim is amazing. They just fit so nicely, especially in the booty. And the black is chic.

Free People Washed Denim Overall - The Overall Trend

Free People Washed Denim Overall – Your best go-to everyday overall. This particular pair comes in a bunch of different colors. I went with kind of a funky one to mix it up. I love these!

Madewell Adirondack Denim Overalls - The Overall Trend

Madewell Adirondack Denim Overalls – Another Madewell option, but with shorts. I really like the long bib front which seems much more flattering than the chunkier options. Their short overalls are so sleek.

BP. Flare Overalls - The Overall Trend

BP. Flare Overalls – I had to have at least one pair of flares on here. Way to go BP for having such a cute pair of overalls, perfect for the current 70’s obsession. Stretch denim also means a very flattering fit.

7 For All Mankind Cropped Boot Overalls - The Overall Trend

7 For All Mankind Cropped Boot Overalls – I have to admit, these are out of my price range. BUT they are so unique and amazing and I love 7 For All Mankind that I had to show them to you. Aren’t they awesome? I love the details on the bib front and the cropped raw hem.

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