Fancy Friday – Four Bakeries to Try in Seattle

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Bakery Nouveau pastries - Four Bakeries to Try in Seattle

photo via: Bakery Nouveau

I’ve been kind of dying to share this post with you. And I’m not even the huge pastry or baked goods fan in my relationship, that’s Dan. He can eat a half-dozen chocolate croissants and not succumb to a major sugar crash like the rest of humanity. Or is that just me? Anyway, these bakeries are awesome. That’s it. They are delicious and lovely. And your life should be enriched with the glory of gluttony from eating their yum yums. Yes, I said yum yums.

There are two on this list we already know and love, and two we know less about. Macrina is my all time favorite. Dan possibly likes Bakery Nouveau more, though he loves both. They’re his two happy places and it’s a good thing we live at least 30 minutes away from both because I think he’d go broke from pastry addiction. We’ve had Dahlia Bakery’s breads and desserts while eating at a couple of Tom Douglas’s restaurants but have never been to their actual brick and mortar location. It seems like the highest quality example of your corner bakery/cafe. Le Panier’s menu is just beautiful. Never been, but after a sweet 10 minutes salivating over their menu, I need to go. And so do you.

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Four Bakeries to Try in Seattle

Macrina Bakery

Hands down this is our favorite bakery in Seattle. There are a ton of great bakeries around here but Macrina is so good. Whole Foods carries their bread so we’re always adding that to our indulgent charcuterie or seafood meals. But what we really love to do is go to Macrina for breakfast/brunch/lunch and indulge in their sweet and savory options. Dan is obsessed with their quiche. It’s light and airy and often very creative. Like quiche with bacon and roasted leeks. And then he’ll always order something (or many things) to go. Or if he’s feeling adventurous he’ll drive there during his lunch break and then bring me a surprise sandwich and pastry. And it’s like Christmas arrived early. It’s that good.


Bakery Nouveau

I have only been to Bakery Nouveau a couple times but it’s Dan’s go-to spot for sweet pastries. Particularly their twice-baked almond croissant, which seems to have a cult following. While Macrina is a mix of classic and modern-creative sandwiches and baked goods, Bakery Nouveau is classic all the way. Wall to wall croissants and tarts and cakes and pastries of all shapes, mostly adorned with fruit or chocolate or both. Their quiches are also delicious, but I’m a big fan of the one sandwich of theirs I’ve tried. Ham, Swiss Emmenthaler cheese and cornichons, with a Dijon mayo on a buttered baguette. Classic. Delicious. Give me more.


Dahlia Bakery

Tom Douglas dominates Seattle so of course this PNW chef would also have a fantastic bakery. I know of it because of its famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie. It is so rich and delicious that three of us, Dan, his friend John, and I had a hard time finishing it after stuffing our faces at dinner. We didn’t want to stop eating it but it’s so filling. The menu just feels so PNW with food that seems deeply comforting and relaxing. Like you walk down to Dahlia, order yourself a muffin and latte and let your troubles melt away with each bite.


Le Panier

This is on our to-try list. I love me a good French bakery. I have to admit I didn’t know much about it until I started writing this post and now I want their entire Autumn menu (I’m getting ahead of myself, I know). But listen to these pastries. Éclair noisette – hazelnut cream swirls on choux. Friand pumpkin – With a hint of pumpkin. I had no idea what Friand means so I looked it up and it’s a small French cake. Honestly I didn’t even have to look it up to know I wanted it in my mouth. And later, when rhubarb is in season they have: Tarte à la rhubarbe – Fresh rhubarb baked with crème d’amande in a puff pastry shell and topped with a delicate crumble. This doesn’t even cover their savory options. Check out their menu and thank me later.